My Son's Favorite Birthday Present!

So, what do you get for your son's 13th birthday? He claims he's too old for toys (though he secretly pulls out his Legos often.) His interestes have turned to the very expensive - video games, expensive art supplies, clothes that cost so much they ought to be made out of gold...

I found the solution!!!

I was so very lucky to have won a giveaway at The Crafty Nest last month. It was for a Personalized Parcel. "What's this?" you ask... It's an amazing service offered by Dez Stephens. What happens is this: You contact Dez and tell her about the person you'd like to surprise with a parcel. She will ask a few questions, then go out and buy lots of little things to pack into a box for that special person. She will mail it to them with a card or message from you. You can even request that the parcel arrive on a particular date! For a list of some items that she may include, go here.

When I won, Dez contacted me right away and asked who I'd like to send the parcel to and if it was for a special occasion - I chose my son's 13th birthday. I told her some of his likes and interests and that was it. A few days later, she emailed me a photo of the gifts she had acquired for him: 

Included: Manga drawing pad, drawing pencils & art eraser, Axe body wash, Cheetos, ninja calendar.

This wasn't all she included, it was just a start. She also tucked in a few other things that were surprises to me, too! 

When my son got home from school on Friday (his birthday), he was greeted by the package on the porch. After stripping off his shirt (shirtless in a new phase for him), he ripped into the mysterious box.

He was so excited - Every present was wrapped in tissue paper. Just when he thought he had found all of the gifts, another would appear!

 He was so happy with his Personalized Parcel! I will definitely keep Dez in mind the next time I need a gift and either don't have the time to shop around or cannot think of what to give. She's got the knack for getting those special people in your life the right things!

Have someone in your life that you need to buy a unique gift for, but just can't think of anything? Maybe a baby shower, graduation, Mother's Day, or "just because"? You can contact Dez through her Web site Personalized Parcels, Facebook , and Twitter.

*** This is NOT a sponsored post. I received my Parcel because I won a giveaway. 
I am posting about it because I think this is an awesome service that my readers might enjoy trying out.***

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