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Hello humans,
Did you miss me? It's been a long time and I miss you, too!
La mamarazzi said I looked emo in this picture but whatev, man, whatev. I was chillin' with my home girl :D
The recent earthquake and tsunami in Japan left Belly so shaken that Belly has to refer to himself in third person like Elmo. You see, Belly hearts Japan. It is the homeland of "Naruto", Belly's most beloved manga series on Earth since Dragon Ball. Also, it is the home of some fabulous felines like Maru and the Ninja Cat. Belly was very thankful that Maru was not harm during these events.

After watching TV and reading news online and offline, Belly is very upset about this whole thing. Belly wants to help Japan very much but as a cat, Belly cannot haz no credit cards or cell phone. So human readers, please help Japan by donating money to the American Red Cross and/or the Salvation Army. Your money will bring reliefs to humans and kittens who are in need in Japan.

Below is the information:

  • To donate to Red Cross: Send $10 by texting "Red Cross" to 90999. The amount will appear on your monthly bill. To donate online, go to or call the local chapter at 817-335-9137.
  • To donate to the Salvation Army: Send $10 by texting "Japan" or "Quake" to 80888, or call 800-SAL-ARMY (725-2769). To donate online, go to

And now, for your entertainment, here are Maru and the Ninja Cat. They are probably Japan's best felines:

That's all for today. Belly would like to thank all of your for your help to Japan.

Domo arigato,
Belri neko-san

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