Marie Louise Creme alpha-VC Facial Moisturizer for Mizumizushii Skin

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Ever since I was a child, I wanted my skin to behave like Snow White's. When her mother wished to have a daughter "that had skin white as snow, lips red as blood, and hair black as ebony," the three year-old me took them as beauty standards. Now, I can easily have tomato red lips by applying Revlon All Fired Up lipstick. And since my hair is already dark, I don't even need to dye it at all.

However, my skin really bothers me. Blame it on hormones, the environment, my diet, and whatever it is, I have tried very hard to achieve blemish-free skin. Now that I get to know my skin better, I've come up with ways to prevent outbursts of zits. On top of my list is to find a facial moisturizer that does not aggravate my condition.

Marie Louise Creme alpha-VC facial moisturizer came into my life through the PR channel. At first, I did not pay much attention to it but days went by, during the really cold winter months, this creme grew on me. While it did not turn me into Snow White, it did make my skin look very nice during the winter months.

Marie Louise Cream alpha-VC facial moisturizer ($109 USD, now on sale for $75 USD)
Wanna know what I think about it? Jump!
First of all, beside the stunningly beautiful jar and elegant yet simplistic packaging, this moisturizer did not appeal to me. To think of it, the Marie Louise creme alpha-VC facial moisturizer is fragrance-free and soft. I have touched so many facial moisturizers with the same texture that it did not wow me anymore.

However, once I washed my face and applied it for the first time, it reminded me of the "mizumizushii" skin status that many Japanese women crave for. In a much earlier post, I wrote about the importance of toners in facial care and mizumizushii was mentioned. To recap, it's a status where your skin is youthful, fresh, and supple. It's like the Asian version of Snow White's skin!

Don't let the plain white creme fool you. This stuff is mizumizushii material!
The people at MLC included a plastic spatula inside the box. It helps to pick up enough materials (2 pea-size amount) without contaminating the jar with your fingers. At first, I did not think the amount was sufficient. However, this creme is very moisturizing and when coupled with the alpha-VC moisturizing toner, my face was moist for the whole night.

Ingredient list
The ingredients contain butylene glycol, squalane, acetylated hyaluronate, soybean extract, and hydrogenated castor oil as moisturizing ingredients. On top of that, it also contains, vitamin C (hence, the VC) and alpha-arbutin to brighten up your skin. The ceramides also play a role in anti-aging. Since deep sea water is used in formulating this product, the skin is going to be replenished with trace minerals available there as well.

Until I went to Vietnam, the MLC creme and toner had been my night-time moisturizing routine. Since the vitamin C was stabilized, oxidation is not a major problem. Otherwise, I would prefer a bottle with an air-tight pump to house this product. As it is light-weight and highly moisturizing, the alpha-VC facial moisturizer is suitable for the wintertime. Using it with the toner improves the moisturizing power, which is desperately needed during those nights when the temperature drops below zero degree Celsius (or Fahrenheit when you live in some really cold places!) During the other months, using this creme by itself at night is more than sufficient.

Last but not least, yes, I know the price is very high and I would not recommend it to you unless it gives good result. Also, you only need a tiny amount to moisturize the whole face and neck. During the time I used it, I did not have any breakouts and my skin, which is usually very sensitive during the winter, was moist and somewhat glowing. I miss my mizumizushii status very much as my skin does not bode well in extreme heat at all. Until the weather is cold again, Marie Louise Creme alpha-VC facial moisturizer!

Please tell me what you think about this facial moisturizer. I'd love to read all of your comments.

Disclaimer: this product was provided for PR purposes. The opinions, however, are mine and reflected my own experience with the product. Skincare is personal: what works for me may not work for you and vice versa. However, my intention is to provide you the best information to help you decide if the product is suitable for you.
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