A Couple of Giveaways - Reminder

Please head over to two giveaways I am holding that will end this weekend.

First, there is a Quick Giveaway for a $5 gift card to use on any merchant at iCards Select. It is ending on Saturday night (3/2).

Next, is my March of Kindness giveaway. This one is a little different in that I am not asking anyone to follow, like, tweet, etc. for me. I just have a few fun questions that you can answer, if you'd like. This giveaway is for a copy of John C. Holt's How Children Learn and will end on Sunday night (3/3).

I have Tweet buttons at the top of both giveaway posts and would love it if you'd click on them and share these giveaways with your Twitter followers, or even let your Facebook friends know. Not required, just thought it wouldn't hurt to ask!

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