Worthy Book - Way to Great Deals and Great Discount!

Most of us here love shopping, go for spa and enjoy good food. And often such enjoyment burn a hole in our pocket! Worthy book here can help us to get great deal and discounted on selected merchats just like our credit card. However not everyone like to use credit card or are entitle to apply for credit card especially student and fresh graduate.

Therefore with Worthy Book, it allows us to enjoy more than RM18,000 goodies/discount/offer - GOOD DEAL ah !

Here are the whole list of merchants available under Worthy Book.

Dining - Be it fine dining or fast food.

The list of restaurants

Personally I love Thai food and , am going to use this voucher at Flying Chillies in The Gardens , and can get free my favourite Green Curry Chicken if I dine in there. Yeh I can save from ordering main course and can order desert instead!!!

Speaking of desert, can tear of this voucher and go enjoy ice cream from Lecka Lecka

"Purchase a Double Scoop cup and get upgraded to a triple scoop cup"

Entertainment - includes Golf Club and Resort, Karaoke, Pubs....

Feel like going for a beach holiday now ! use this voucher and get immediate 10% discount on holiday packages for Berjaya Langkawi Resort or Berjaya Tioman Berjaya 1

Shopping ! We all love shopping arent we ?

Shopping merchant!!!


Focus Point - 30% discount off for exclusive brands!!

Pamper yourself with services~

All types of services available - from head to top

Ecoparadise - something I would love to try, now got promo! Can consider!!!

15% discount for 1st service!
20% discount for 2 services onwards!

Foot massage after tiring shopping trip

Reborn -RM30 off on 1 hour foot & 1 hour tui na therapeutic massage!

Skin Renew Salon - facial & spa services!

This definitely a worthy book if you are someone who love to go for dining, facial, spa , shopping... (like how shopaholic!!) Save more to spend more!!

Best is that, if you purchase the book now, every RM2 is donated National Kidney Foundation

Enjoy more than RM18,000 goodies/discount/offers while do charity!

Do note some of the voucher above come with terms& conditions

So if you are interested to treat yourself and your loved one, kindly get Worthy Book at RM35/copy. Can order via telephone (03-2264 3115) and email them at (info@worthybook.my)

And exclusive for Jess's reader, just quote my name "Jessying" and enjoy 30% off to purchase the Worthy Book!

More informations of this book can be obtained from www.worthybook.my and www.facebook.com/worthybook.

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