Get Free JPG Ma Dame 50ml perfume tomorrow!

I received a sms and I thought of sharing with my readers here. Here are the sms details

JPG Ma Dame brings out yr inner sexy, tough Hollywood Gal.Be the 1st 10 shopper on 17Dec to get a FREE bottle of 50ML EDT! Only @ MetroMValley & Isetan KLCC

You gotta go early and queue at the Isetan entrance (do some strategy ok) and probably run in once the entrance is open sharp at 10am to the JPG Ma Dame's counter to be the 1st 10 shoppers to queue to get be the 50ml free perfume!

I remember seeing there is a syndicate group by a group of auntie when I went to join the crowd to exchange for SK-II foundation previously. They are professional, will mislead you, cut queue and send their grandma or kids to go when they have exchange for it previously

So careful and good luck to those who are going!

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