Everyday Useful Tips For Hair Care.

For greasy hair apply lemon juice and white vinegar after a hair wash.

For dandruff rub lemon in hair roots and shampoo it well.

For soft and silky hair soak shikakai overnight, boil in the morning, cool and then rub well with hands,take out all the seeds. Use this liquid to wash your hair, you will have to rub well to have clean hair.

For lifeless hair, rub curd, leave it for sometime and then shampoo your hair. Curd is also very cooling for head.
For dry hair, rub fresh milk before  bath.

To best way to wash your hair is with reetha. You can also mix 1 portion of shikakai, 1/2 portion of reetha and 1/4 of dried amla. Soak it overnight and then apply to your hairs.

For nourishing hair roots, rub a raw egg into scalp, leave it for 10 mins and then wash it properly with warm water.

Castor oil improves texture and and length and strenghtens hair.

Apply egg yolk on scalp for only 20 mins before shampoo. It cures hair fall and dandruff. Rinse after shampoo with white vinegar diluted with water.

If natural dye is used regularly it leads to hair turning black again. Heat amla powder in an iron vessel and mix with warm oil and leave it overnight. Use this every alternate night. Tie hair with a cloth before sleeping. Next morning wash hair thoroughly.

Soak powdered walnut shells in water overnight. Wash hair with this water next morning. This cures grey hair.

Dry hair should be thoroughly and regularly massaged with warm oil and steamed with hot towel. It gives shine and controls falling hair. Use conditioner after every wash.

For dry hair regularly apply coconut milk and after some time wash it off. It gives hair shine and controls hair fall.
For lice use ginger juice on scalp. Leave it overnight. Wash next morning. Do this twice a week.

Massage hair with vitamin oil to promote hair growth. Apply egg yolk mixed with 1 tbsp of castor oil for shine. It is good for scalp conditioning.

Beer is also a good conditioner.

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