Batiste, the Magical Dry Shampoo

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Once in a while, I discover a product that makes me want to say, "Why didn't I find it earlier?" Batiste dry shampoo is one of them. I wish I found it back when I had really long hair. It could have saved me from looking like an oily grease during the summer. You see, I have oily scalp. While the rest of my hair is clean, my scalp just looks like I need a vigorous wash. For the life of me, I can't wash my hair everyday. Not only my scalp is oily, it is also sensitive.

But now that I have Batiste in my life, things changed for the better. My hair no longer looks greasy after the first day, as long as I remember to use Batiste.

Batiste dry shampoo, original scent.
This is the travel size ($2.99), the full size costs $7.49 ($6.99 if you have Sally Card.)
Wanna know why I like this shampoo so much? Jump!

This is the "Before" picture
Notice how greasy my bang looks
After I sprayed some Batiste on my hair. Tada!
See, it works! Not only the original Batiste does not smell bad, it works like a charm. After shaking the can, I spray it all over my head. A fine mist of corn starch and alcohol is propelled from the can by butane and isobutane. Then, I rub the corn starch to my hair, leave it for a couple of minutes, and brush it off using a natural boar bristle brush. The hair looks somewhat dull but it feels and smells clean. I notice a tiny bit of volume on my hair.

After I finished the travel size can of Batiste, I bought a full size can in Blush. It smells more powdery while the original version just smells fresh. Batiste also has another fragrance called Tropical but I didn't see it at Sally. Batiste has been around for a while now and its this price, I'd say it is a good and reliable product.

Disclaimer: I purchased this product for my personal use.


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