Beneficial Skin Care Products From Your Kitchen.

ALMOND : Crushed to make masks, good for nourishing skin.
ALUM: It has astringent quality. Used in lotions.

BANANA: Used in mask for dry skin.

BARLEY: Rich in vitamin B and Iron. Excellent tonic for overall nourishment and cleansing.

BUTTERMILK: It is used as a cleanser, has bleaching and cleansing properties.

CABBAGE: Rich in vitamins and minerals. Wash face with water it has been cooked in.

CASTOR OIL: Thickens hair growth.

CORN MILK: God pack for dry skin.

CUCUMBER: Good for oily skin as it has astringent qualities.

EGG: Yolk has nourishing and white has tightening properties.

FULLER'S EARTH: Rich in minerals and used for face masks.

GELATINE: Good nail hardener.

HENNA: Excellent conditioner for hair.

HONEY: Softening and nourishing qualities. Used in masks and creams.

IODINE: White iodine is good for fungus infects and nails.

LETTUCE: Rich in minerals, Iron and Vitamins. It has cooling effect and good for sunburns.

MINT: Natural cure for scars, pimple masks and skin disorders.

OATMEAL: Excellent cleanser.

ONIONS: Mixed with honey makes a wonderful anti- wrinkle cream.

PAPAYA: Breaks old cells of skins, cleanses it and used in face masks.

POTATOES: Use thin slices as eye pads.

SALT: Mixed with equal amount of soda bicarbonate makes an excellent cleanser for teeth.

SEASOME OIL: For tanning the skin.

STRAWBERRY: Stained teeth can be cleaned with its juice.

TEA: Soother and is good to relax eyes. Keep cool tea pads on eyes for severe dark circles.

TOMATO: Contains Vitamin C. Used to clean blackheads and close open pores.

VINEGAR: Excellent conditioner mixed with equal parts of water. Rinse hair after shampoo.

YOGHURT: Has cleansing properties and is used in face masks.

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