Review: Vaseline Intensive Rescue Extra Strength Lotion

Price: 4.99$ for 325 mL

The claims:


  • not greasy
  • imediately relieves itchiness 
  • quickly absorbed in the skin
  • subtle scent (reminds me of cucumber?) 
  • imediately leaves skin feeling soft and smooth
  • got rid of all of my dry patches in less than a week!

  • texture is a little too light for my taste
  • not convenient bottle (I would have prefer a squeezable tube)

What I think:
I was very excited to give this lotion a try because I tend to have super dry and eczema-prone skin, especially in the winter. I was amazed to see that this lotion imediately relieves itchy skin (which often leads to eczema, in my case), and leaves it soft and smooth. Also, this product is quickly absorbed in the skin and leaves no greasy residues behind.

I tend to prefer body butters over lotions because I like a thicker texture, but I find that this Vaseline lotion does the job quite well. However, I would have prefer a squeezable tube as this one tends to get messy and slippery.

Recommend? yes

Rating: ★★★

Disclaimer: I got this product for free as part of a promotion. I was not paid for this review,  I am not  affiliated with this company and the fact that the product was free absolutely does not influence my opinion.

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