Dying for UGGs?‏

UGGs. We hate 'em. They are not only UGGly but also cruel.

UGG boots are made of sheepskin (yep, someone's skin, people!). The sheep who are killed for UGGs are often Merino sheep—just like Pete (pictured here). Every year, millions of sheep are castrated, have their tails cut off, and have their horns hot-branded. Once sheep are no longer needed in the sheepskin industry, they are shot or have their throats slit—all for the sake of a pair of boots.

Every purchase of UGG boots supports extreme cruelty to animals—not to mention that wearing someone's dead skin is just gross. With so many cute and cruelty-free options available, there's no reason to wear the skin of an abused animal.

Take a stand against UGGs! Fill out this form to pledge never to wear UGG boots, and let your friends know that they can help sheep, too, by buying cruelty-free boots and never buying wool.

Text from Peta2.com and images from Peta2.com and Google Images.

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