The Monday After Christmas

Hi everybody,

Since Thanksgiving, Belly has worked his appetite up for Christmas. The only way to make him do anything is to promise him roasted turkey on Christmas day (proof here.) I am not kidding: on Christmas day, Belly stood smack in the middle of the living room and meowed loudly asking for turkey. He waited while I cooked the turkey breast, got impatient, and left. I could see steams of hot air streaming out of his perky ears.

Anyways, the Christmas spread was smaller than the Thanksgiving one simply because the cashier at Wal-mart forgot to give me a bag of stuff. I didn't have the green bell pepper for the trinity of my dressing. The Trinity, by the way, is a mix of onion, celery, and green bell pepper people in the South use in their cooking. Also, I didn't have my bag of corn and God knows I love my corn! Despite the bummers, the food came out pretty good. We ate, watched movies, and ate some more.

Christmas food: stuffing, roasted turkey breast, veggies, and mashed sweet potatoes 
Belly was waiting for this jelly!
More food ahead. Jump!

Close up of the food :9
A slice of the Chocolate Lover cake
I discovered this cake at a newly opened store called "Earth Fare." It's like a health food store without being a co-op. While the merchandise is more of the same, the food is actually quite decent. There are glutes-free cakes as well as gluten-full ones. This cake tastes like the ones from back home where they have butter icing instead of the sugary stuff American cakes tend to have. It is not really sweet but the chocolate is very kicking. Me likey! (Also, when I eat chocolate cakes like this, I tend to want to have a glass of merlot. [Un]fortunately, I didn't have any vino on Christmas day. Otherwise, it could have been epic!)

Last but not least: Belly's "before" and "after" pictures
This is his "before"
He looked all meek and shy but that was a ruse. That cute Hello Kitty bow only lasted 10 seconds before Belly realized he didn't sign up for this and ripped the bow off his neck.
Belly's after: he got tryptophan-ed. Also, look at his belly :)
He likes his Animal Planet bed very much.
Gift-wise, this year has been really good. Among the stuff that I received, there is season 3 of "The Big Bang Theory." Whoever gifted it to me, you know who you are and thank you very much! Also, my neighbors probably think I am insane. Who laughed like a maniac at 2 in the morning? I can't help it, TBBT is like crack on my rye bread. It's addictive and Sheldon is just too funny!

Also, I got myself Photoshop Elements 9 and I'm learning to use it. So far, I learned diddly swat. Paint.NET has been spoiling me for over a year and PSE 9 looks really intimidating. Gotta go read some books and learn how to photoshop the right way.

How about you? How was your Christmas? I hope you had a nice time with a lot of presents.

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