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Hi everybody,

It seems like yesterday that I wrote the last post of 2009. Now, I am sitting here contemplating on what to write for the last post of 2010. This year has been a good year so far and I'm getting emotional to see 2010 coming to an end. It has marked a significant change in my life as well as in my blog. For the first time ever, I had an opportunity to do what I wanted and guess what? I actually put myself together and did it.

And now, the year in numbers:

Posts per month in 2009 and 2010
Compared to 2009, I actually wrote 15 less blog entries. The explanation is simple: the GILTY Pleasures Blog Tour disintegrated. Therefore, I no longer have a weekend post. While I do love my 5 post a week schedule, a lot of you guys want something on this blog during the weekend. Therefore, I need to come up with something to fill in the void during the weekend. Let's wait and see what I have in mind for the weekends in 2011, ok?

Column chart to compare posts per month between 2009 (red) and 2010 (blue.)
I can't recall what happened to me during July but I didn't post that much. Was I sick? I think I was. However, this year I have been more productive during the winter months (January, February, October, November, and December.) This is a really strange behavior. I thought I was more active during the summer months. Well, the data just proved me wrong!

Last but not least, here are the things I learned during 2010:

1. I can write a lot!

50,000 words in November and many other words during other months. While I don't keep track of my word count, I guess it's around 200,000 words or more. One word at a time does add up in the long run.

2. Belly is not just good looking. He is also a smart kitty

I am not going to elaborate on this point, it would make me sound like a Crazy Cat Lady. You already saw what he did this year. Belly is a really smart cat. Also, is emotional IQ is off the chart. He can sense when I am sad and comfort me.

3. I can haz friends offline, too!

When I was in grad school, I had a lot of colleagues but not many friends. This year, the close friends I had left me one by one, because of job or school opportunities. One of them got terminal cancer and passed away in April. I mourn her every single day. Thankfully, God doesn't give me something I can't handle. I found a group of writing friends and now, I have a social life that could make my 2008 self jealous. I guess that is one of my biggest achievement in 2010.

To rehash, 2010 has been an awesome year and I am very sad to see it go away. I would like to have this opportunity to thank all of you who have been there for me during this year. Also, I want to thank the many publicists and companies that furnished me with their products. Without all of you, my life and blog could have been a lot more boring. So, thank you so much!

Let's take one last look at 2010 and have a big smile on our faces to welcome 2011.


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