Learn Easy Steps For Facial At Home.

Materials: Herbal cream, face pack, rose water, cotton, facial belt, napkin, astringent, camphor lotion, steamer, blackhead remover, sponge, water, plastic bowl.
Theory: Cleansing should be done before facial. 
             Facial is done according to the age limit.
             30 & above---within 15 days
             18 & below 30 ---within one month.
             Facial is done after 18 years of age.
Presure Point: It means a little pressure with your ring finger and rotate thrice.
             Facial creams for different skin types.
            Oily skin---Sandal
             Dry skin---Almond
             Normal skin---Herbal
Herbal face pack suits all skin types. Apply thick layer in summer and thin layer during winter.

Massage steps for different face parts: Apply cream in the form of dots and then spread evenly all over the face and neck.
CHEST: With the help of fingers massage in circular manner on the chest with a pressure point on the clavicle.
COLLAR BONE: Hold the collar in between the first and second finger and massage it.
NECK: Massage with both the hands in upward direction.
DOUBLE CHIN: Keep both the thumbs on the center of the chin and with the help of fingers and massage in circular manner upto the ears.
CHIN: Hold the chin in between the first and rest fingers and massage.
UPPER LIPS: With the help of thumbs massage in circular manner starting from the centre of the upperlips to the centre of the chin.
CHEEKS: With the help of fingers massage from chin to ear, then ear to lips and finally from lips to the temples with end with a pressure point.
NOSE: Massage with thumb on the top of the nose to the temples ending with a pressure point.
EYES: Massage with fingers first in clockwise and then in anticlockwise direction.
EYEBROWS: Hold the eyebrows in between the thumb and the first finger with a little pressure to the end of the eyebrows.
FOREHEAD: First massage with the first finger in a zig zag manner. Then with the fingers in circular manner all over the forehead starting from the centre of the forehead.
Then tap lightly all over the face. Wipe off the cream with cotton. Take steam and remove blackheads. Apply pack for 15 minutes and then wash it off. Finally apply toner.

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