Head Massage Steps For Healthy And Shiny Hair.

Materials: Hair oil (Castor, Olive, Coconut), Coton, Plastic Bowl, Steamer, Hair Comb.
Procedure: Take a little amount of warm oil in a bowl. Heat it gently. Take middle parting with the help of a comb and apply oil with the help of a cotton. Make partings and apply oil with the help of cotton. Make partings and apply oil on the whole head.
               Once oil is applied comb the hair. Starting from the center of the forehead massage the forehead with the help of the fingers in the form of circles towards the end of the eyebrows with a pressure point at the end of the eyebrows. In the same way massage the whole head with a pressure point. Each step is to be done for three times.

              Then take a small strand of hair, roll it in clockwise direction and stretch it or pull it for 3 times with one hand.i.e left one holding the head. Then roll it in anticlockwise direction and stretch it in the same manner for 3 times. Perform the same step for the whole head and comb.
              Next is soothing step. Move the tip of your fingers in circular direction all ober the head. Now add a little oil on the top of the head and tap with the help of your palms.
              Join your hands, hold in upward direction and with the help of your little fingers tap on all over the head. Next, with your two thumbs massage the back neck in the circular manner in both upward and downward direction.
             Massage upto the end of upper arm. Punch the back lightly. Now, take steam with the help of a steamer. Instead of a steamer a hot towel can also be used. Then comb your hair. Steam is used to open the pores and let the oil in. Hair can be washed after 2 hrs minimum or a day.
             Head massage provides better blooc circulation, prevents hair loss and headache, promotes hair growth and offers sound sleep.

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