Best of 2010: Belly at Large

Ciao, humans!

Belly's here for the last post of the year. Wow, I've been a fixture of this blog for a while. Without my presence, My Makeup Blog could have disappeared into oblivion. I know, I am gorgeous. You may worship me from afar. Oops, the mamarazzi just yelled "Belly!" in a very stern voice. But still, you may worship me from afar, humans!

Since la mamarazzi has been doing her "Best of 2010" series, I decided to contribute my top 5 posts during this year. This is my gift to you so please enjoy it. Otherwise, check out my claws.

Belly at Large: Best of 2010

1. Change Your Lash Curler Pads

My first post ever! The audience just loved it. I couldn't get enough so I came back for more. Meow, la mamarazzi is good!

"When you know to dump your lash curler pads:
1. It splits right at the middle (like the one in the picture)
2. It feels like leather
3. It does not curl your lashes no more
4. You don't remember when you bought the curler and what color the pad originally looked like."

Read more on my first post here!
2. Be a Poser

Forget Tyra! Belly is going to teach you how to pose like a pro. In this post, you are going to learn how to do "The Demure", "The Majestic", "The Attentive", "The Swimsuit Model", and that famous "The Stank Eyes."

Take notes, humans and felines. This post is epic and on top of that, it is free!

Click here and learn how to pose like a pro!

Three more Belly-licious posts ahead. Jump if you dare!

3. Brushies Brushies

Had to send this post to la mamarazzi via email since she was out of town. First time writing a review ever and the ladies loved it!

"While Dao is busy crunching numbers and jumping with her laptop, I get to use her other laptop as well as raid her stash. HaHA, take that for givin' me chicken flavor cat food. I am a salmon and tuna feline, yo!

Guess what, Dao? I got access to your brush stash, meow meow meow meow meow *big grin* And I also found out you got a request from Tweeter on brush comparison. I either gnaw your dearly beloved brushes into pieces or do a review for you. I could have gone feline crazy but instead, I chose to ride the high horse. Imagine me, a cat, riding a high horse. Ha!"

Read more of my most favorite review here!

4. The Debut Video

I'm a video debutant! Click here to watch it!

5. Black and White and Gorgeous

Yup! I dared to compare myself to First Lady O but her fashion style is impeccable! I love that woman. Well, she's number two on my list, after la mamarazzi, of course. She also ties with Oprah, aka the original Lady O, btw.

Also, the photo on the right is not related to the post but since I looked too gorgeous in it, I could not help but post it up here for you to worship me again :)

More about my first fashion post here. Click if you dare to wear black and white!

Me doing the Blue Steel again!
That's all for now. 2010 has been a good year. It's good to be an editor/top cat model again. If you want more of me to worship and etc., click here. Yup, that's all of the "Belly at Large" series.

Love, peace, and tuna fish,
Mr. Belly

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