I Got Shisem Mild&Smooth Touch False Eyelashes

Hi everyone,

This year, I've got an opportunity to try out Shisem Mild&Smooth Touch false eyelashes. Sooji and Stephanie gave me a grand total of three pairs of Shisem falsies to try as they know how fond I am of false lashes. Shisem is a Korean brand that makes awesome false eyelashes. The only caveat is this brand is hard to find online, unless you know someone who knows someone who can give you a hookup. Or you live in a place that sells Korean makeup. Yes, it is quite insane for those who do not live in an Asian community to get a pair of Shisem. However, many Asian beauty bloggers have had high regards on this brand and I have to say, they are right.

My three pairs of Shisem
The first and second pair from the top were gifts from Sooji, the last pair I received from Stephanie
This pair reminds me of something from MAC. It is very dramatic!
This set has 2 pairs of demi-lashes. I love them! They are so easy to apply and give me the doe eye look.
This pair is the regular criss-cross design, which gives a more believable look.
The instruction in Korean.
Can somebody translate it for me, please?
In each set of lashes, there are two small tubes of glue. I have no idea what they are, either. Can someone translate them for me, please?
These false lashes from Shisem are easy to apply. Since the spines are thin, I hardly feel anything. Of the three pairs, the demi-lashes are the easiest to apply and they blend in with my real lashes very well. I love the cute pink packaging and how they stack nicely on top of each other. If you see Shisem in your zipcode, get them! They are fun and fabulous false lashes.

How about you? Have you tried Shisem lashes before?

Disclaimer: I received the products as gifts from friends.


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