Looking back at my 2010

Well 2010 definitely is a pretty busy year for me. I am ocupied almost all the weekends and have quite an exciting lifestyle! And with a blink of eyes, its at the end of 2010 and the world is welcoming the new 2011 year!

So let's look back how has my year 2010 been !

January 2010

For the first time in life, I won a makeover competition organized by Lancome & Cosmopolitian magazine . I was one of the top 5 winners out of 80 participants, appeared in the magazine for the first time and won a prize worth RM500 !!! And I love this makeover by Zamri (Lancome Chief Makeup Artist) and later I bought the Lancome Pop & Petrol palette which was used in my makeover ! And absolutely love it till today

February 2010

This is Clarks Women's Bahama Beach Pep Toe Wedge in Red Cherry Blossom

Bought my 1st most expensive shoes from Clarks warehouse sale ! However RM170 was well spent because this is super comfy and pretty shoes that I am still wearing it till today..and looks almost like new!!

March 2010

It was my first 100th followers and thank you all of you for making this happened!! Your support is important because you are the reasons why are keep blogging. And today I would like to record my thanks to the 334 followers! Love you all!

April 2010

Went back to Hong Kong for the 2nd time ( the first one was in late 2008) with my family and friends! Thanks to AirAsia, with less than RM168 for round trip ticket.. I am back to Hong Kong for more love !!!! Love the food there, places and more importantly SHOPPING!!!

And if you have not been to Shenzhen , China then you would not truly experience what is shopping all about !!! In Hong Kong, I bought tons of skincares which last year probably a year and in Shenzhen I bought clothes/shoes like there is no tomorrow!

May 2010

Make the smartest choice in 2010 , that is to get a Blackberry !!! Love my Blackberry Bold 9700 to bits, don't think can live without it nowwww! I am connected to the world 24 hours ago, 7 days a week!!!

June 2010

Try and found this Shiseido White Lucent Intensive Spot Targeting Serum does wonder on my skin!! My skin clarity increased by double!!! This is expensive but it works!

July 2010

Got my first frame glasses from Guangzhou after 10 years wearing frameless glasses! And I like this glasses among the other 2 I have, so easy to hide myself under this glass when I am lazy to do my makeup for the day (shssss.....) !

August 2010

Well officially announced myself that am a shopaholic in an interview with Oriental Daily newspaper. Apart from that,got a super duper cheap weekends getaway in Bangkok - RM200 inclusive of round trip air fare and hotels for 2nights inclusive of breakfast!

September 2010

Created the first Cheat Natural Look !

October 2010

p/s: Some of them who came not in the pic went home already!

Celebrated my birthday with a number of closed friends whom I know them through blogging ! Rawrrrr... the power of blogging!

November 2010

Was honoured to be featured in Female Magazine November 2010 . Certainly I do not anticipated this when I started blogging !

December 2010

December is the month when I looked back at the year 2010 and tell myself , I gotta do better in 2011 ! Sorry for all the mistake I have done, am I gonna be a better person in 2011 !

Happy New Year people out there!

Wish your 2011 is full of LOVE !

Love conquers all!

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