Review : Kanebo Impress Granmula Skincare Range

Remember a while ago, I blogged about my Kanebo Impress Granmula Diamond Aura facial treatment experience and yes it is indeed an expensive intensive pampering facial. And after the pleasant experience, I am keen to find about this Kanebo Impress Granmula range.

And I was lucky to be among the first few to be able to try this as I received a travel set of Kanebo Impress Granmula range from Kanebo Malaysia for review purposes in this blog. And recently I have been trying this products solely without mixing with other products before writing this review.

A little bit of introduction to this range, Kanebo Impress Granmula range consists of three basic skincare products (Lotion , Day Emulsion and Night Cream) which focus on binding and adhesion on skin cells, integrating revitalization and gives brightening performance (inhabiting the production of melanin and preventing dark spots and freckles) to build a flawless skin structure.

This range was named Granmula as it has the grand formula i.e Triplet Active Ingredients which consists of Bisamin, Carnitine, Magnoliganane or Rhododenol that not only works instantly but also makes a difference in the long run.

This range also consists of moisturizing ingredients such as JCT Controller (improve firmness, resilience, clarity,moisture and texture), SBG Extract ( protects the skin and maintains natural skin functions) and Carni-vital (maintain a healthy looking skin).

Before I start using the products, I read the manual carefully first as each product has a specific method of application. In the manual it stated that the "Adhesive Application Method" is an original technique developed by Impress to maximize the grand formula which GRANMULA has to offer.

Kanebo Impress Granmula Lotion product information

A highly functional cosmeceutical lotion that evokes the skin's inherent radiance with a succulent texture. Infinitely clear, mellow water penetrates smoothly into the stratum corneum.

Texture : Watery just like water.

Smell : Faint fragrance (very subtle and soothing to the senses) and I cannot detect any cosmetic alcohol which I am very sensitive to. Although I cannot guarantee that it has no cosmetic alcohol, the quantity must be so minute that I cannot detect it. I try to identify the floral fragrance but cannot distinguish any major floral component. Later when I re-read the manual I realize why I am not able to identify the fragrance as it is “created from the essence of more than 20 types of flowers and trees”!! It even has a name - "Bouquet de Granmula", cool eh?

Instruction : Until Cotton pad is fully saturated approximate 3ml of lotion needed.

The Adhesive Application Method for Lotion

I followed the recommended method of application diligently which is to pat on with a saturated cotton pad, then “palming” the face from the center to the outer edge (which I find is the same method of application used for Clarins products using palm despite Kanebo’s claim that this “Adhesive Application Method” is developed by Impress) and then a very light finger acupressure on the face, again from the center outwards.

My review
The Lotion does not sit on top of the skin and it seems to have penetrated into my skin almost immediately after I applied using the above method. I did not feel my skin is sticky at this moment and in fact my skin very quickly felt soft and hydrated after that.

I did a test drive by leaving the lotion "siting on top of my skin" and see if it will evaporate, in which case I will feel a slight tightening of the skin. However this does not happen and my skin still feels soft after the few minutes wait which makes me somewhat convinced that the Lotion has in fact penetrated into my skin. I am not sure if it is the quality of the lotion that does that or the method of application. I have not tested the method with another brand of lotion but will do so (only if i can remember all the steps!)

Kanebo Impress Granmula Lotion (150ml) was priced at RM800

Kanebo Impress Granmula Emulsion product information

A highly functional cosmeceutical emulsion that spreads with a mellow sensation and delivers a smooth radiance

Texture : Light weight lotion

Smell: Same like the above description.

Instruction : 2 pumps from the dispenser approximately 1ml needed.

The Adhesive Application for Emulsion - so complicated.

I still have to refer this manual every time I apply the emulsion.

My review
From my previous experience, a day emulsion that is so liquid will not be sufficient for my skin which suffers from surface dehydration. Within a few minutes, I will feel my skin “pulling” or tightening (a sign that the emulsion is not hydrating enough) and to overcame this I normally will treat my skin to a serum or essence first. Even with a serum or essence, a “liquidy” emulsion will sometimes fail to hydrate my skin for any reasonable length of time.

The first step is to “inhale deeply” the fragrance of the emulsion – I like this step, the fragrance is so natural and relaxing, there is no artificial scent smell at all. I might incorporate this step with my other brand products although the scent may not be the same quality / standard of Kanebo’s Granmula. It gives me a few calming seconds and mentally prepares me for the application routine – which is frankly quite tedious. This step feels so Zen, like Master Yoda before a fight LOL

I was not able to follow steps 2 and 3 of the Granmula's emulsion application as smoothly as I would like. I kind of applied the emulsion over my whole face using my palm instead, trying hard to follow the diagram in the manual. Then the manual says to “blend thoroughly using circular finger motions”. I found it impossible to follow this step in the manual as the lotion quite quickly absorbs into the skin – there’s not much emulsion left sitting on the top of my skin for my fingers to make circular motions. Thus I was afraid to drag my skin and create more wrinkles!! Instead I just lightly smooth my fingers over my skin following the diagram as best I can. I am not sure if I used too little of the emulsion and that’s why I was unable to do the massage / circular motion as described in the manual.

Despite my initial apprehensions, this emulsion performed wonderfully without making my face feeling sticky. Although I used no serum or essence at all, my skin was hydrated and was kept hydrated throughout the day, even though I spent the whole day in an air-conditioned office. My skin did not have any pulling feeling at all, just wonderfully soft. At the end of the working day, I did not have as oily a face as I normally have using the light day cream that I usually use.

And some of you may remembered my comment in facebook that I said I like the my face feeling toink toink (bouncy and hydrated), well this is the reason why...

Kanebo Impress Granmula Emulsion for day (100ml) priced at RM1200

Kanebo Impress Granmula Cream product information

A highly functional cosmeceutical cream that is sumptuous and full of sophisticated technology so as to radiate Exquisite Aura

Texture : Creamy

Scent : Same like the above described.

Instruction : 2 pearl size approximately 0.5g needed

Again, the application is time consuming and some of the steps I do not understand it until I went to find my BA to show me the demo. Pheww.....

The night cream application method does not have the “heavily inhale” the fragrance step first like the day emulsion. However because I like the scent of it, I does this as my first step before starting to follow the application method.

My Review
I spread the cream ( a tiny wee bit 2 pearl size only as recommended and because it’s so expensive!) over my face using my palms. Instead of circular motions which is recommended for the day emulsion, a finger sliding motion is used for this. I find this much easier to do than the circular motions and also because the cream does not sink into the skin as quickly as the day emulsion.

I work the cream into my skin with the sliding motions, there is no drag as I am using very light movements and finish off with step 2 (palming) and step 3 (finger acupressure). There seems to be a light veil of the cream masking my face; it is not uncomfortable as it is very light but I can distinctly feel it on top of my skin.

On the other hand, after morning washing, I find that there is no tiny lines of surface dehydration and my pores appeared smaller - maybe this is the effect of the cream? My skin was very soft to the touch, no surface hydration lines (YAY!) along the cheeks and I though the lines around the eyes were a wee bit less noticeable.

Granmula is promoted as effective for "firmness, suppleness, translucency, moisture and texture in perfect condition." However I did not notice any extraordinary glow in my skin after using the products although it did perform well on the moisture and texture front for me. Perhaps use of the products over a longer term will have these effects.

Kanebo Impress Granmula Cream for night (40g) priced at RM4600

Out of all the 3 products I have tried, I would personally I liked the day emulsion the best. I am not sure how much the application method contributed or enhanced the efficacy of the products but it sure takes more time than I usually use to apply my skincare. I suppose after practice over a course of time, it will be second-nature and take less time. And would consider purchasing this range if I had the budget as I was sufficiently impressed by now and am curious as to the results if used over a long period of time.

Pros: Smells goods, very hydrating and pores appear smaller, the lotion, emulsion and cream is used over the entire face including the eye area and thus eliminates the need for an additional eye product. Neither is there any need for any serum or essence

Cons : Very very expensive (but the cost is off-set by the cost saving in not having to purchase additional eye products or serum/essence) and the application method takes time and lots of practice needed to be done to remember the whole method.

Kanebo Impress Granmula Lotion RM800 for 150ml
Kanebo Impress Granmula Emulsion RM1200 for 100ml
Kanebo Impress Granmula Cream RM4600 for 40g

Currently Kanebo Impress Granmula range is available in Kanebo International Salon and counters in the mall.

Kanebo International Salon, Starhill Gallery
Salon Address: S21-25, Pamper Floor, Starhill Gallery, 181, Jalan Bukit Bintang, 55100 KL
Phone Number: (03) 2144 1218
Operating Hours: 11:00 a.m. - 9:30 p.m.

Kanebo International Salon, Bangsar
Salon Address: No. 16, Jalan Telawi 5, Bangsar Baru, 59100 KL
Phone Number: (03) 2282 1218
Operating Hours: 11:00 a.m. - 8:00 p.m.

Kanebo International Salon, Gurney Plaza Penang
Salon Address: N170-04-67/68 Plaza Gurney, 10250 Penan
Phone Number: (04) 227 7618
Operating Hours: 11:00 a.m. - 9:30 p.m.

Kanebo International Salon, The Spring Kuching
Salon Address: Lot 123, 1st Floor, The Spring Shopping Mall, Jalan Simpang Tiga,
93300 Kuching Sarawak
Phone Number: (082) 247 318
Operating Hours: 10:00 a.m. - 10:00 p.m.

Note : Just to share again, now if you buy the whole range of Kanebo Impress Granmula products RM6600, you will get 10 Kanebo Impress Granmula Diamond Aura Facial Treatment for free ( 90 mins facial worth RM688). Promotion ends 31 Dec 2010. Currently the facial treatment is only available at the above mentioned four salons only.

Note : Read my Kanebo Impress Granmula Diamond Aura Facial Treatment experience here.

For more information , visit Kanebo Malaysia's facebook here.

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