Thank you, Secret Santa!

Hi everybody,

We have a few more days before Christmas. 10 more days and 2010 is over. This year has been a mix of many different things for me so far and I am very blessed to have an awesome Secret Santa to cover me with love.

The presents from my Secret Santa
The awesome Secret Santa sent me a bag of green tea from Japan, a Japanese mascara set, cat snack and toys for Belly. On top of that, she sent me a hand-made card. How cute!

Wanna see the details? Jump!

The mascara set from Kiss Me Heroine Make
I have never tried any Japanese mascaras before and I was very surprised to receive this set. It has a mascara and a remover since the mascara is waterproof. Seriously, without the mascara remover, this thing would not budge. It stays on all day. I will do a review of this mascara once I use it properly. It will be the first mascara of 2011.

Card, kitty snack, and tea
Belly the American kitty decided the cat snack was too Japanese for him. Fine, some other kitty actually appreciated it. I, on the other hand, like this green tea. For some reasons, it smells like seaweed to me. Also, it does not contain a high concentration of caffeine. I can drink a cup and go to sleep.

Cat toys: a snail and a mouse

Belly's classic stank eyes
"Back off! Them toys are mine!"
It's hard out there for a cat. He needs a mouse to hug
For some reasons, Belly really loves that toy mouse. He bites it, he plays with it, and he hugs it. I'm glad to see the soft side of him shines through.

Last but not least, the awesome Camp NaNoWriMo t-shirt
This is a magical shirt, y'all! It helped me reach the 50,000 word landmark with ease. Thank you, Secret Santa for all the awesome gifts. Belly and I really appreciate everything you sent.

With love,
Dao and Belly

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