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Sorry, folks. No FOTD today. Although I am not sick, I look bad and I feel even worse. There's been so much going on lately, up to the point that I don't feel like blogging anymore. But I can't stop blogging and that's a fact. So we're fine for now.

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Every year, I patiently wait for the Fall TV season to start. After a long summer of reruns and bad reality TV, I can't wait to watch a new crop of new shows as well as the return of my favorites. This year, I have the list pat down.

Return shows:

Monday: How I Met Your Mother (CBS) and Castle (ABC)

I watched How I Met Your Mother since its very beginning and suffered through its close to dead after season 1. Then, Britney came to the show and it became one of the most comedy shows on CBS. It's a "must watch" if you love Neal Patrick Harris.

Castle is not a comedy and the synopsis is not even real. As a writer, I would not spend all my time working with a cop, bouncing from crime scene to crime scene because no police department in this country would ever let a writer do that. If you want some sort of insider information, you can work with a consultant, who's most likely someone who works or used to work in the force. Also, as a writer, you are supposed to buy some good glue bum and glue your behind to the chair and write write write. With all that said, Castle is still a good show. I love the characters' dynamic but please don't read Richard Castle's book "Heat Wave." Yup, it's actually published and it is a horrible read. No offense here, ABC. Love your show, but please don't publish any more fiction written by a fictitious writer.

Tuesday: NCIS and The Good Wife (CBS)

I'm a long time NCIS fan but I'm not into NCIS: Los Angeles very much, except for the fact that I want to know G. Callen's background.

The Good Wife was a new show last year and the writing was off the roof. I don't know why I like it since the demographic is veering toward the 45 and older group. Maybe the guy who played Mr. Big in "Sex and the City" is in it?

Wednesday: Modern Family (ABC)

Last year, this show was a new kid on the block. My mom and I watched the pilot episode and we loved it. You wonder why? Because Cam and Mitchell adopted Lily from Vietnam. Also, they are the cutest gay couple ever! Gotta love Eric Stonestreet who plays Cam, the "stay-at-home dad slash trophy wife."

Thursday: The Big Bang Theory (ABC) and Community (NBC)

Bazinga to you, too! TBBT is moving to Thursday and I can't wait to watch it. And yes, Jim Parsons finally won an Emmy over Alec Baldwin and Steve Carrell. Yes, that's what I said! This show is fun, fun, and more fun. The sad part of it: I actually understand the science in the jokes. Woe to me! (<- Sheldon would point out that I'm being sarcastic.)

Can you see the theme here? I'm actually an academic geek comedy fan girl. TBBT and Community has school and the academic environment as the background. And Community is kinda funny, too, thanks to the study group and Ken Jeong (Senor Chang.)

Friday: I don't watch TV on Friday. The shows kinda sucks.

So, you kind of see the picture here: shows I watch are mostly on CBS and ABC. I don't watch anything from Fox and please don't ask me why. Except for "Glee", I don't watch them shows over there. Also, I don't watch anything on cable TV because I don't have cable. Also, because the temptation to watch some trashy reality TV is too great.

New shows I may watch:

 Lone Star (Fox): The synopsis is interesting: a con man in Texas living a double life. He has a wife and a girlfriend (lucky guy!) and manages to scheme his way through Texas. For that and that only, I have to at least watch the first episode.

The Event (NBC): I don't know what the heck the Event they're talking about is and it makes me curious. Therefore, I may watch the first episode.

Show that I no longer watch, not because it's cancelled: Grey's Anatomy

Anybody and everybody who knows me understand how big a "Grey's" fan I was. After Dr. Burke left, the material of the show went waaaay down. Then, a lot of weird stuff happened in that show. And then, O'Maley died because T.R Knight left the show for good. Also, Izzie (Katherine Heigl) left, too. To make up for the departed cast members, they churned in a whole bunch of new faces with weak story lines. Like how the heck Christina Yang kept on flirting/kissing with different doctors at the same time without any motive? I didn't even watch last season finale. That's how much I'm not into Grey's Anatomy anymore.

Show I would watch once in a while: House

I love this show but its schedule is conflicted with one of my other favorite shows. Back in the day, I had this CSI/Grey's Anatomy/House streak. It had nothing to do with my desire to go to medical school or anything (I never want to go to med school.) It was more of how interesting the materials of those shows were. House is still a great show and the science behind that show is not fictitious. Strange but real. I wish I had a DVR to record it. Oh well, there's Hulu.

I watch TV a lot, but mostly prime time TV. Daytime TV is still a mythical creature to me, except once in a while I would watch Whoopie on "The View." (For some reasons, I think that show is funny.) When the clock turns 8pm, I start to glue my eyes on the TV and that's when I come alive, y'all. It's really strange but I wrote my thesis and watched TV at the same time. No wonder why it took so long for me to write it.

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