I Provenzali Shea Butter Lip Balm Glides Like Buttah!

Hi everybody,

This is one of the reasons I love blogging so much: the people. Gio is one of the cool folks I've met since I started and so far, we've been exchanging emails and swapping with each other. During our latest swap, Gio sent me one of her most favorite lip balms from Italy: I Provenzali shea butter lip balm. She's a balm fanatic and I Provenzali got high remarks from her.

I Provenzali stick lip balm with shea butter
This product is 100% natural and highly moisturizing. Since the only lip balm I've used is Chapsticks, I was more than delighted to try it out.

Wanna know what I think about I Provenzali shea butter lip balm? Jump!

The back of the package
Some of the ingredients are: castor seed oil, Candelila wax, shea butter, jojoba seed oil, sweet almond oil, and aloe vera leaf extract. With this list of ingredients, this lip balm looks quite promising to me. And moisturizing it is. I Provenzali shea butter lip balm is a hard but not waxy product. While it smells kind of sweet and pleasurable, it does not taste like anything. The smell reminds me of some sort of cookies, by the way.

The front part of the tube
I opened it
Unlike other lip balms I've used, I Provenzali lip balm has the dial at the top, not at the base
Dialing up...
...and down. It looks like a turtle :)
The verdict? I love it! I can't sleep without it as this is a proven product to keep my lips moist all night. It does not rub off or melt away when I sleep but clings on to dear life until the next morning. Since the skin on my body has been drier this year, I Provenzali shea butter stick lip balm is a must. I misplaced it for a couple of weeks and I almost cried in HD. That is how important this lip balm is to me.

Thanks, Gio, for sending me this lip balm. I love it so much! For those who live in Italy and/or can get I Provenzali in store, I highly recommend you to check it out. According to Gio, I Provenzali lip balm has another product that is also natural and moisturizing. As it is a gift, I have no idea how much it costs but Gio said it is quite affordable.

Disclaimer: this product is a gift from a swap.

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