Hauling Time: Sinful Colors Nail Polishes on Sale at Walgreens!

Hi everybody,

When I started blogging, I was not so much of a nail polish addict. To be honest with you, I didn't even remember if I owned more than 3 colors. And if I did, most of them came from the Dollar Tree anyways. Thanked to a couple of friends, my life had forever change. After they bragged about Sinful Colors this and China Glaze that, I started to become more and more curious about nail polishes. And like makeup, nail polishes are a lot of fun.

This week, Walgreens put all Sinful Colors nail polishes on sale at 99 cents each. That's half price, people! So I did a lil' haul myself: I bought four brand new polishes. And since I'm in a dark mood, my nail colors decide to match.

(L-R): See You Soon, Secret Admirer, Rich in Heart, and Daddy's Girl
Photo taken without flash
See You Soon: black nail polish with a lot of fine teal glitter
Secret Admirer: grey nail polish with an ample amount of white glitter. This color reminds me of Urban Decay Gunmetal eye shadow. Also, it's a favorite of my friend "Ink".
Rich in Heart: metallic dark burgundy. This color reminds me of a rich shiraz.
Daddy's Girl: dark purple jelly with fine purple glitter. The color looks sheer to me.

Photo taken with flash (L-R): See You Soon, Secret Admirer, Rich in Heart, Daddy's Girl
Except for Secret Admirer, I haven't tried any of them out yet. I'm very happy with this batch of nail polish because the glitters are very fine and they colors are dark and mysterious. Also, they are a part of Sinful Color's newest color story. It has 8 dark nail polishes but most of them (4 or 5) are already in the permanent line-up. The thing about dark nail polishes is they don't look that impressive in the pictures. However, in real life they do look very fantastic. The picture of the nail polishes kind of captured the essence of the first three polishes about half-way through. Daddy's Girl is very pretty but somehow the glitters didn't really show.

For those who are not familiar with Sinful Colors, this line of nail polishes is uber budget friendly. The regular price is $1.99 and the size is the same as OPI (15ml, 0.5 fl. oz.) However, once in a while, Walgreens either has a sale or a coupon so you can get a bottle of polish for 99 cents. I know, it's less than a dollar and this line has some seriously good polishes.

However, that's not just it. If you look closely, the formula of Sinful Colors nail polishes are actually health-friendly: it does not contain the big nasty 3 (phthalate, formaldehyde and bisphenol-A.) Ok, I can't believe I actually remember the big 3 but they are not respiratory friendly at all. Just imagine you paint your nails and your kids and pets are around to inhale the fume. If they have asthma and other respiratory issues, these compound can trigger those conditions. Believe it or not, Belly doesn't come around when I paint my nails. Also, I've made a habit of opening the windows and air out the fume after I painted my nails. An ounce of prevention, people!

And speaking of the big boy, here's the newest picture of him:

Hey, get that camera off my face! It's my private time here.
I was about to get out of the house and saw him sleeping in the yard with his tummy pointing to the sky. He looked really cuddly so I wanted to take a picture. The moment I opened the door, he woke up with that cranky expression on his face.

He's been doing fine but he doesn't want to write anything just yet. He cited something about Fashion Week and he wants to bridge his career over to fashion or something. Like being a former model and an editor is not enough for him. That cat is just being too much sometimes.

Oh, for all of Belly's fans out there, he also wants his three square meals with treats and extra tummy rubbing time. He doesn't let me hug him or clean him with baby wipes. For the later, he doesn't really put up a fight since I always tell him how nice, soft, and fluffy he is going to be afterwards.

Ok, I admit to digress. I just love that fur ball. Just look at his face. Don't you love him, too? But that's not the point. The point is Sinful Colors is on sale at Walgreens and y'all should go and get yourselves some. After that, you can come back and ogle at the Belly Archives while painting your nails. Now, go!

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