FOTD: My first try to create natural look !

Often when I go to workshop, the makeup artist would tell us that natural is the best look . And brown would be their favorite color. For some reason, I do not know how to work with brown. Well maybe it is just me, am not the natural type person.. kekeke !I am not saying my feature or body is not natural...I'm 100% that naturally born like this. What I mean is I prefer to have colorful eyeshadow instead of the natural makeup. Okay , enough of explanation .. hahaha.. too complicated!

Pictures time!

My full look !

(suddenly i discover the eye makeup like a bit not even!!)

Oh did I mentioned, this is my favorite blouse !!

Should have take the full length picture to show!

The close up picture .

This is my 1st time creating natural look. Hope this look like one!

(Alamak pic a bit blurrrrr.. I deleted all others photos..)

My ingredients

So what you think ?

Natural makeup look nice on me?

So what do you prefer, natural or unnatural (I mean colorful, intense) look ??

Selamat Hari Raya ~ and ~ Happy Holiday !

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