FYI: Urban Decay's Book of Shadow vol. III is Out!

Hi everybody,

After months of waiting, the Book of Shadow vol. III is finally arrived at Urban Decay website. It is OMG indeed! This month, I am joining the October challenge in The goal is to write at least 750 words a day for the whole month of October. I got to set my rewards and punishment* and guess what? If I completed the challenge, not only will my name be added on the site's "Wall of Awesomeness" but I also get to fulfill my dream of owning a Book of Shadow! (Nope, the folks at 750 Words will not give me the money, I'll have to buy it myself.)

Droolicious UD Book of Shadow vol. III, available here

Ok, I lied. The BoS III is out of stock as we speak. That's how strong its selling power is. Last year, I was thisclose to get the BoS II during the Friends and Family sales, which you get 30% off. I regretted it deeply because as soon as UD and Sephora ran out of stock, these BoS went straight to eBay for $100+ USD a pop. Insanity, right? And I'm not kidding, the same thing happened to BoS I, too.

So, what's so different about this BoS, compared to its previous sisters?

First of all, this time around the BoS has a theme: it is a tribute to the Big Apple. In this pop up book, you will see some famous landmarks in New York City, such as the Empire State Building, Statue of Liberty, and even the yellow taxi cab. Awesome, right?

Secondly, this BoS has something others did not: it freaking lights up! I am serious, I almost wet myself a little bit when I read about it. How awesome is that? If you think the Alice in Wonderland BoS was cool, this one is cooler than cool. It's ice cold (<- Ok, I just copied Andre 3000's line in "Hey ya," so what?)

This time around, you'll get 7 new shades out of 16 (according to UD website, why they put 6 in that ad is beyond my comprehension), 2- 24/7 Glide-on eye pencil, and a travel size primer potion, all wrapped up in a box with lights for $54 USD.

  • New eye shadows are: Bordello, Kush, Loaded, Money, Radium, Rockstar, and Suspect
  • Permanent eye shadows are: Haight, Psychedelic Sister, Snatch, Last Call, Maui Wowie, Midnight Cowboy Rides Again, Smog, Perversion, and Uzi
  • Eyeliners: Zero and Ransom
  • The original UD Primer Potion in travel size
If you are an UD palette collector, I guess you have no choice but to get this one. However, some of the permanent eye shadows sound very familiar to me: Smog, Uzi, Maui Wowie, and especially Midnight Cowboy Rides Again have shown up in quite a lot of UD palettes in the past. The last one has been in almost every UD palettes I've known so far, up to the point UD fans are sick of it. (Luckily, it is not included in the Naked palette though, which is my second choice if I can't get my hands on BoS III.)

Up until now, it is a sure thing that I am going to get this palette, simply because I only have one small UD palette. And let me tell you, that little quad is rockin'! While it may be a bit hard to blend, UD eye shadows kick major behinds. And by "major behinds", I mean cough *MAC* cough. Seriously, their eye shadows are so pigmented and blingy. I guess it's not for the faint of heart but for hard core makeup addicts like myself, we all need a little bit of Urban Decay in our lives.

Until September 30th, you are going to see me typing everyday. I need to win this challenge and get this palette. I thought my competitive edge became mellow but I was so wrong! With, I feel like I need to write everyday simply because it is my task. Losing a day is no longer an option. A writer's block sounds like fiction to me now. You have writer's block? Please sign up at and you'll be block no mo'. Seriously, it is that good. And it is free. Go ahead, join, and ear cool badges.

*My punishment is to clean my apartment. I chose it because I really hate cleaning up. If one day I end up being loaded, I swear to God I only clean to keep me humble (like Mariah Carey, girlfriend does[/did/used to do?] her own laundry.)

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