Review : Discover Stem Cells with CellSafe & Amber Chia Press Workshop

Ever heard of what are Cord Blood stem cells all about ?

Stem cells are the “magical” young, generic cells in the human body that can be grown into other specific cells. Stem cells can be used for treatment of some blood disorders and cancers.

Stem cells unfortunately are rare and difficult to harvest from the adult body, but they are found abundantly in the baby's umbilical cord and placenta.

CellSafe International Group (‘CellSafe’) is a regional high-tech biotech venture which provides non-controversial cord blood stem cell cryogenic preservation. In Malaysia, CellSafe provides harvesting and preservation services of stem cells from cord blood.

Last week I was invited to "Discover Stem Cells with CellSafe & Amber Chia Press Workshop. I went with a curious heart as I did not have much knowledge what cord blood stem cell all about.

The marketing manager Mr. Lau Kin Wai shared that Stem Cell research opens up a new front in medical treatment which has great potential. Millions of people around the world suffer from incurable diseases. Stem cell research by the global medico-scientific community is finding some breakthroughs in stem cell therapies to treat illnesses which were not possible by conventional surgical cum drug methods.
Adult stem cell treatments have been successfully used for many years to treat leukemia and related bone/blood cancers through bone marrow transplants.

Therefore by storing our new born baby umbilical cord blood could save the baby or family member life.

Amber Chia the International Supermodel and celebrity who is now 9 months pregnant thinks that this is an important gift for her first baby as she cares about the future well being of her child. She see this as a bio-insurance for her entire family.

At the event, Amber was officially appointed as the spokesperson of Cellsafe. She will busy promoting the awareness of cord blood stem cell preservation nationwide.

The event also announced information about CellSafe-organize Moms and Kids Expo at Danga Cirt Mall, Johor Bahru from 17-19 September 2010. Amber Chia will be guest of honour of the official launch of the expo on 18th September 2010 at 2pm.

Although Amber was 9 months pregnant, she was hyperactive,sporting and professional. She was ready to pose for the cameras all the time! She was moving from one place to move place, and walking in her probably 4 inch high heels ? Salute her!

Since this is a media event, we got some private time with Amber. And of course I took up the opportunity to snap a picture with her and her baby (in tummy).

We all are then serve delicious food... yum!

Then while I was chatting with media friends, Amber came and sat down. She started chatting and joking with us. We are caught in surprise that she is so friendly. She happily shared that she cant wait to expect her 1st new born in early October. Congratulation Amber!

Honestly after the press workshop, I think that by storing cord blood stem cell of our new born is very very ver important. I guess everyone know by now that cancer is life threatening illness and illness like Leukemia is only curable if the patient is lucky enough to get the suitable bone marrow for transplant. And if today the patient has stored their cord blood in the stem cell bank, then the chances of recovery is high! So why not give ourselves or our baby a chance ?

I do know that the fee of storing such cord blood in the stem cell bank is expensive but I think one's life is priceless!

For more information on CellSafe, click here

Amber has a facebook account, click here to add her!

p/s: Some information extracted are from CellSafe , wikepedia and Mr. Google.

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