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Hi everybody,

Recently, I got an opportunity to do a custom blend foundation for one of my friends. She's a strong supporter to Formula D Minerals, my tiny Etsy store, and she needed foundation. Selling mineral foundation is a lot of work as they are not fast selling items. Also, making mineral foundation is messy and requires a lot of tweaking to make it look right. Therefore, I decided to only do foundation whenever someone requested it.

Here's the foundation I made for her:
Customized foundation blend
The jar has a resealable shifter :)
My friend sent me her closest color match and I started from there. A bit of tweaking and blending here and there and finally, I was done. The foundation is around the neighborhood of NC35 and I was lucky enough to have a jar with a resealable sifter available. It's very convenient because you can close the holes of the powder jar after using and just pop the powder in the bag. In the past, whenever I traveled, I had to pack a roll of scotch tape to seal off the holes. This just takes the pressure off. Also, depending on how wide you open the sifter, you can actually control the amount of material pouring out. Hence, chances are you don't waste so much good stuff.

A closer look at the foundation. I packed it very tightly.
If you bought mineral foundation from Bare Essentuals, you know how loose they pack their material. It's kinda swishy-washy and I hate it. How come there is so much space between the foundation and the sifter? That doesn't make sense to me. I pay my money for the material, not empty space, right?

I did an impromptu swatch. My friend's foundation is the second one from the left, mine is the last one.
After I was done packing the foundation in the jar, I still had a bit left so I tried it on my face.

Looking good, right?
Except for a little bit of lip gloss and mascara, I had nothing on beside the customized foundation blend. Although you don't see it, I have quite a lot of nasty scars and acne bumps around my chin. This foundation manages to cover them all up while making my skin look quite natural.

So yes, I count this as a success. Foundation-wise, I haven't bought any of them- mineral or liquid- since even before I started my shop. If you go through my previous FOTDs since April, you will see I have been wearing various shades of Formula D Minerals foundation. Even in the scorching temperature of the South, I manage to look good, all thanks to my own foundation.  If you want to try my foundation, please leave a private message to my store on Etsy and we'll take it from here. Right now, the store only has one item because I am in the middle of preparing a new lot of colors for the fall.


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