New Arrivals and back to school!!

Well its all quite now at last!! I no longer have a little rascal sitting behind me telling me to get a move, so he can go online to visit the lego shop, for another set he so needs!!
In fact i thought school was back yesterday (like most of the uk were!)
I got up got myself ready, got the little man ready (twice) after he bear hugged one of our 6 dogs and the hover just would not do! Not on the first day anyway, hes getting quite used to being hovered down!
Only to realise when we did get to school we were in fact the only ones there!! lovely!!
So today hes back, i really did not think i was would think or say this but in fact im missing him already!!
Anyway thats one of the reasons i have not been leaving any posts as i wanted to spend the extra time with him, but now il be back to leaving regular ones..

Ive got some brilliant stuff coming in hopefully most of it today, There is mac on its way - a couple of new items and some shades back in stock!
Benefit- i should if i have time be going to look at a parcel later today and will hopefully have that listed tonight/tom depending what and how much there is-
Also i have some Calvin Klien, Stila & Model Co to list which ive just not got around to listing!

Anyway i did mention that i would be giving some free stuff away and there will be some coupons for some of my followers!!
Im going to try and get around to sorting  this out this week, does anyone know how i can do some sort of raffle online so  you know its fair?
I will google it when i get chance but if anyone has any ideas please get in touch!
Anyway a big thanks to my followers!
I better go and get some work done now, take care, thanks

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