Face Whitening Products Unmasked

A great majority of media advertisements always suggest facial products that promise to deliver younger and flawless looking skin. But aside from having dewy skin, millions of women all over the world go crazy when it comes to buying face whitening products. Face whitening products are highlly popular especially in tropical countries where women have dark skin. Almost all Asian women use face whitening products that can lighten skin to as much as 5 to 6 shades. Because of this great demand, cosmetic companies manufacture hundreds of face whitening products that compete in a dense market.

Face whitening products are often manufactured in different forms. They can be liquid soaps, bar soaps, creams, toners, moisturizers, astringent, facial wash, facial mask and a lot more. Normally, soaps and facial wash are the most widely-used type of face whitening products. The main reason for this is that one simply practices personal hygiene such as washing the face and see results in a few weeks time. A lot of facial soaps and wash are affordable but there are also expensive soap bars that have glutathione which really cost a lot. Usually, face whitening products contain any of these ingredients : glutathione, AHA ( alpha-hydroxy acids), licorice, kojic acid, bleach, hydroquinone and others.

In the past few decades, there had been some controversy related to the use of hydroquinone as well as bleach that contains ammoniated mercury. The FDA even issued a restriction on the use of such face whitening products that have harmful chemicals since skin damage is highly likely after prolonged use. According to an article in Medicinenet.com, FDA prohibits cosmetic products that contain more than 2% hydroquinone on any brand. In addition to this , the article also cited that hydroquinone can lead to darkening and thickening of skin known as ochronosis. Therefore, women should greatly weigh such facts when buying face whitening products. Nevertheless, there are still face whitening products that do whiten skin safely especially ones that have natural formulation from fruit extracts. These include AHA, kojic acid , licorice and other fruit acids.

Briefly, there's a lot of face whitening products available in the market that offers many options to women. In fact, most of these products are effective and very efficient in lightening facial complexion. However, they should also consider the ingredients of these products since it’s better safe than sorry.

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