Mail of the week (September 6 - 10)

 October 2010 issue of Glamour

Special package from Peta2: A survey and some personalized stickers with my mailing address on them.

One of the blush was spilled all over Jennifae's letter 0=

My prize from Jennifae's giveaway: I won a sample set of Adorned with Grace Limited Edition Summer 2010 Collection:

Left to right:
  • Astounding Shimmer Blush
  • Avid Shimmer Blush
  • Spellbounding Shimmer Blush
  • Flamboyant Premium Eyecolor
  • Munificent Premium Eyecolor
  • Emotive Premium Eyecolor
  • Forthright Premium Eyecolor
  • Outstanding Premium Eyecolor
  • Flamboyant Premium Eyecolor

Thank you Jennifae!!!

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