I love my new eyebrow shape now , by Shu Uemura!

I received a letter from Cosmopolitan last month!

Thank you !!!!

Happy I won Shu Uemura's eyebrow shaping service, eyebrow pencil and eyelash curler!

Which all the above, I have NOT tried before ! Yippeeee

I always heard about how good is Shu Uemura eyebrow trimming service but always no chance to try, and thanks to Cosmopolitan I am able to try for free!

I went to Shu Uemura's Midvalley to see Lisa Yap as she is the Shu Uemura International Accredited Artist and Brow Stylist after letting my eyebrow growing like jungle for a month.

Lisa went on plucking~plucking ~ and after 10 mins she is already done with her art work !

p/s: In Shu Uemura they do not use eyebrow shaver for the reasons our eyebrow re-grow quickly after shaving.

Anyway am going to show you my eyebrow jungle!

p/s: love my eyebrow shape now, the shape is so sexy!

The whole process was a bit painful as normally I do not pluck or shave my own eyebrow. Normally my facial therapist or makeup artist who is doing makeover for me will shave it off for me.

Minutes later, I found my new looks (giggles.. as if I have seen myself before).. I love it, it loojed neat, tidy and stylish. And I feel my eyes is more awake with the shape that Lisa created. And yeh more spaces for eyeshadow for highlighting.

p/s: I have tried threading and waxing as well, but I think plucking eyebrow is still the best before the shape is more well define.

I was advice to go back for trimming 3-4 weeks later to maintain the shape.

My new ME!

My prize !

The eyebrow pencil ! I am learning to use this ! So far so good!

Lisa Yap eyebrow shaping service is RM50 while Shu Uemura Brow Atelier done by their makeup artist in-store are RM30 for eyebrow reshaping and RM20 for eyebrow keeping (i.e to remove the grown hairs)

I think Lisa's service is definitely worth it as this is the first time my eyebrow are really well-defined, clean and most importantly balance.

So what do you think ??

p/s: I think I am truly a convert now.. if in future I need reshaping of eyebrow shape, would look for Lisa ! And I think the price is reasonable for the skills that she has !

Note: Shu Uemura Midvalley number 03-2287 1764. Need to call for appointment.

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