Hit or Miss: Dior DiorShow Mascara

Hello everyone,

Uh oh! Oh no, she di-dn't! How dare she!

I know, I know, I know. I would have said the same thing, too, if I were you. However, let me explain here: it's been a long long time since a nice mascara arrive at this turf of the land. My Makeup Blog is dying for a review of a good mascara here. And then, I won a giveaway from TummyCake.com, which included a mini DiorShow and a mini Lancome Hypnose. It is hard not to try them out a write reviews about them. If I end up being bashful, please forgive me. And I mean it. Forgive me now, oh faithful makeup fanatics.

DiorShow, the front

DiorShow, the back
The brush
Although I have heard so many nice things about DiorShow, never in my life would I go all the way out to Sephora and buy it. And you know why? This stuff is bloody expensive. At $24 USD a pop, it must be made out of angel dust and pixie wings and makes my lashes look long and lush and transform me into a young Julia Roberts or something. Yup, that was my expectation and I stick to it.

Is it worth it? Let me work it. Please jump and find out about it :)

Alright, now that you're with me, I guess we should let the pictures do the talkin'.

First of all, here are pictures of my bare lashes from 3 different angles. I took the initiative and curl my lashes before applying mascara. Why? I have no idea.

First layer of DiorShow: we have some length in here. The lashes are kind of darken but there's nothing much going on to write home about. FYI, Dior people advertised DiorShow as a mascara that gives lashes "that sexy look after one coat." Really?

Second layer of DiorShow: I see something going on. The lashes look longer and darker but uh oh, do they look spikier too? And did you notice the lashes at my inner corner started to go down?

Third layer of DiorShow: clump alert! Yup, the stuff started to look clumpier. I was not so happy. Also, notice the drooping at the inner corner of my eyes.

For the sake of it, here's a picture of my eyes. Can you tell which one has DiorShow?

Of course, I applied DiorShow on the eyelashes of my right eyes, which is your left in the picture. It is not that difficult to spot as I don't have a lot of lashes to begin with.

Is it worth it, 24 dollars and all? With all of the trials and tribulation, I have to say I am not so into DiorShow. While the formula is smooth, the rose scent is nice, and the brush head is big and bold, I am not that impressed. Again, I expected a lot of nice things about it and I'm kidding about the Julia Roberts part. But to pay 24 bucks for a mascara that does a half hearted job of lengthening my lashes? Forget about it! It does not even keep the curl that well.

Words on the street have it: the original CoverGirl LashBlast is comparable to DiorShow. I did a review on this chubby orange mascara before (click here if you haven't read it.) All I have to say is I prefer LashBlast a whole lot better because it does the job. Also, because it is about 3-4 times cheaper.

Will I ever buy DiorShow? Hate to burst Dior's bubble but your sales team can live without me. After all, I'm still a drugstore mascara type of girl.

Disclaimer: this product was a part of a price package from a giveaway.


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