New haircut!

I finally got a haircut today! I hate going to the hairdresser as I never know exactly what I want so I always end up getting boring haircuts, with not much of a change from the previous one.  Not to mention that I'm never totally happy with the cut I end up getting.

Today, I had a few requests for the hairdresser:
  • add volume
  • make my hair more manageable (thinner)
  • make my face look less long
Here is the result:

        Before                                 After

She suggested to cut straight bangs, and I agreeded, as I never had straight bangs before. I'm not sure if I like it, but maybe it's because I'm not used to it.

Instead of adding layers (like I usually request), she trimmed the top part (near the crown) various lengths, to make it thinner and more voluminous.

Overall, even if I'm not sure about the bangs, I have to agree that it really makes my face look shorter, and I can feel to the touch that my hair is thinner and softer. It will be much more easy to infuse volume to it.

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