Belly at Large: Black and White and Gorgeous

Hello home boys and girls,

Today is Friday, tomorrow is Caturday. I know, the weekend is near but that doesn't mean we should slack off. Au contraire, we should finish the week off as strong as possible.

I know I haven't been around. Vacation and Fashion Week was good but I miss you guys. And I have a question to you lot: who's black and white and gorgeous?

Me kissing my gun :)
It's yours truly, of course! Don't you want to touch my body?

As we're talking about black and white, don't you realize how under-appreciated these two colors are? Of course, I live with them. They are the two colors I wear every day. I manage to pull it off with attitude but truth be told, you can do a lot of things with just black and white.

Don't believe me? I have a case study for you. And I'm bringing in a big gun, too. Drum roll, please!

Let me introduce you Mrs. Obama in black and white. The First Lady brings sexy back with two basic colors.

The President and First Lady together. Love her check board dress.
The President with his umm... mom pants(?!) but the First Lady looked hot. Also, love the ballet flats!
The Obamas with the Queen of England. Mrs. O looked lovely here in an Isabel Toledo ensemble
Also, notice Queen Elizabeth II's choice of color :)

Mrs. O in Spain, looking effortlessly chic
With the ladies of "The View"
This White House|Black Market dress started the black and white trend
Bold choice with a flowery black poka-dot dress
I hope I convinced you about the wonder of wearing only black and white. These two colors bring classic beauty to the wearer. You can mix and match the pieces and many different ways and still look wonderful. Believe me, black and white fashion can be so easy.

Love, peace, and tuna fish,
Mr. Belly, xoxo

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