The Day to Chillax!

Hi everybody,
Happy balloon day!
Happy Labor Day to my U.S readers! What are you going to do today? Me, I'm going to chillax* and I think I need it. The cold has been horrendous to me. I would stay awake for up to 4 hours before crashing down again.

The last few days have been so much fun to me. I finally cleaned my apartment from head to toes. Yeah, I did it! It feels a lot better once it's done and I feel like I can breath a lot better afterward. Also, I practiced what I preached: I followed Trisha's advice on her "30 Day Ultimate Beauty Makeover" e-book and did a wardrobe audit. In the end, I sorted out 1/3 of my clothes for Goodwill. It's a refreshing action and I vow to do it at least twice a year.

My criteria for a clothing item to go to the donation pile are:
  1. Did I wear it in the last 90 days? If not, it will go to the pile
  2. Does it still fit? If it doesn't, it will go to the pile
  3. Do I like it? If I don't it will go to the pile
Believe it or not, I don't feel sad at all when I sort my clothes out. The ones in the donation pile deserve to go. Hopefully, somebody will find them useful. However, I also found some cool clothes burying deep in the stash. I found a pair of really cool jeans I used to wear in college. It has great shape and I always got nice compliments whenever I wore it. I was about to throw it away but decided to give it a try before throwing it into the pile and guess what? It still fits and it makes my behind look awesome!

Also, I found a couple of bras that I rarely wore after I gained about 10 lbs. If you gain that much weight, you will need new bras. For the past year or so, my weight has been fluctuating. When I lost weight, I bought a whole bunch of nice, cute, smaller bras. Then, I gained all my weight back because I did not exercise. Lucky me (or unlucky me), I still had the old set of bigger bras. But now, tata (no pun intend), my nice, cute, smaller bras fit me again! So yeah, for the rest of this year, Victoria's Secret is not going to get any more money from me!

I hope you'll have a nice Labor Day. Please take time to chillax and enjoy the view. Also, please eat and drink responsively :)


The etimology of the word "chillax": it's supposed to be a combination of "chill" and "relax". I picked it up from the artist who was formerly known as P. Diddy. He said it when he went to 'Live with Regis and Kelly." Now, you shall refer to him as Diddy. Why does he keep on changing his nickname? I thought Belly, I mean B-Moneyz, is the only one who does it.

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