Swatch : Laneige Mystic Veil Collection for Fall 2010

Wow its now September and yes Laneige finally brought in their new makeup collection!!!

This is the Laneige Mystic Veil Collection for Fall 2010!

First look. I like the packaging.. very hopefully the color paid off well!

Well let's see!

From left to right : Mystic White, Mystic Pink, Mystic Violet and Mystic Black

The eyeshadow all are in pressed powder form and it's smooth. I would not said it's not very pigmented but its an improvement I see from Laneige. I would personally for violet and greyish black, the color paid off is quite alright. But for lighter color like white and pink, its a bit too light for my liking.

In my opinion,first time looking at the colors in this palette is a bit too common.. or I would says too safe kinda of combination. Colors like white, pink and violet would be too common but the greyish black is kinda pretty as its not totally black but comes with a touch of grey.

However the color combination provided here does match with their description, that's to create powdery and soft delicate look.

Selling Price : RM115/each

Next their lipsticks in Mystic Veil Collection

Description from pamphlet & website

For Romantic Lips

Snow Crystal Intense Lipstick
Silky smooth lipstick showing vivid colors even with a single layer of application.

Left to right : SYR32 Mystic Beige and RP49 Mystic Flower

(with indoor yellow lighting)

As stated in the description, the color is quite intense with the 1st application. I would not say its moisturizing like their Snow Crystal Melting Lipstick range but definitely better than their limited Snow Crystal Intense Lipstick in Ornament Red.

The left is clearly beige color and one the right is a very fuchsia color. But I don't think I could carry this color without looking like a clown .. :P

Selling price: RM65 each

Mystic Pink Veil Blusher

(Sorry for the pic, taken inside the mall with yellow lighting)

( Pic taken with muted flash)

This color is light and natural , and must be noted that its not pigmented. And once you apply the cream blusher on the cheek, it turned into powder set properly on the skin.

Selling price : RM70/each

(I accidentally deleted my pic on this.. ish )

From the website

Product Benefits
With SPF 33PA++, this whipped-cream-textured foundation gives skin an even and clean look, like a soft veil.

How to use
My say : This is the first cream foundation from Laneige. There is only 2 color available for this foundation in Malaysia , No 21 Natural Beige and No 23 Sand Beige. I tried the texture on my hand and as it is suggested its in cream foundation, the texture is pretty smooth and coverage is pretty good. Will take pics again on this to show the texture .

Selling price : RM110/ each

Which I like among this collection ?

I would say I am interested to try the Mystic Veil Foundation and Mystic Veil Blusher (such a pretty natural pink I got when I swatch it on my palm)

So have you guys got your hands on this yet ?

Time to check this out !

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