Update on L'Oréal Féria Power Reds in R37 Rich Burgundy

Monday, I have shown you the results of L'Oréal Féria Power Reds in R37 Rich Burgundy:

As a box of Féria haircolor costs $12.99+, I was expecting better results. That's why I finally decided to contact L'Oréal Customer Care.

Here's the email I sent them the day before yesterday (I didn't copy-paste it because I wrote to t:


I'm very, very disappointed by L'Oréal Féria Power Reds. I have bought two boxes in the shade R37 Rich Burgundy, and I was very excited at the thought of having finally found a hair dye designed for brown and black hair. But the results totally disappoint me, as the hair color only shows up at my roots. 

I finally found the problem after reading the instructions on the box for the third time:

I'm bilingual, but my mother tongue is French, so of course I will read the instructions in French first. But, in French, you have omitted to say that this hair dye is recommended on medium brown to black natural haircolor.  

This is a total waste of money, and I hope this mistake will be fixed to avoid further disappointements. For now, I'm not sure if I will buy L'Oréal hair dye again in the future.

Sorry if I sound rude, but I was really disappointed and frustrated. I was expecting so much more from L'Oréal.

Here's the answer I got from them in the afternoon (that was quick!):


We would like to thank you to have taken the time to share your concern with us.

At L'Oréal Paris, we are proud of the quality of our products and we take our customers' comments very seriously. We are sorry to learn that Féria #R37 Power Red Blowout Burgundy didn't satisfied you entirely.

We would like to help you rectify the situation. To proceed, we need important information that is not included in your email. We invite you to communicate with us at the following number.

Yours faithfully,

L'Oréal Canada

Yesterday, I called them.

The lady asked for the reference number in the email and opened a file for my complaint. She asked for my mailing address and told me she would send a gift certificate, but only for this time, before explaining to me why the dye didn't show up on my hair. I calmly explained her that I already knew that lighter hair dye wouldn't show up on dark hair, but the point is that the word "natural" has been omitted in the French instructions, and I call this false advertising. She didn't seem to care and just repeated why the dye didn't work and that it will be the only time I will be able to receive a gift certificate. She wasn't rude but I could sense that she was becoming a little impatient, and before getting angry myself (I'm pretty good at that), I politely thanked her, wished her a good day, and hung up.

That's great that they offered me a gift certificate, I wasn't expecting this. I just wanted to point them the mistake so that they wouldn't have problems with other customers complaining for the same thing. Too bad they didn't listen. Anyway.

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