Official Launch of Dermalogica 'heroes in Malaysia

What is FITE?

Fite (acronym for Financial Independence Through Entrepreneurship) aims to economically empower entrepreneurial women in the developing world through provision of access to small loans to help them start or grow a business.

Dermalogica® has partnered a non-profit microfinance leader to help facilitate the loans through And this program FITE was first launched on 6th January 2011 in the United States and is expected to be rolled out in over 50 international markets within January 2011.

And recently Dermalogica® Malaysia officially launched the Dermalogica’s "heroes" that have been carefully selected to be the power behind fite on 25th January 2011 at Ciao Ristorante,one of an oldest Italian restaurant in KL.

Senior Manager, Regional Marketing for Dermalogica® Malaysia, Ms. Chong Tzin Nui said that the five “heroes” were selected as they are Dermalogica®’s international best-sellers and are recognised for their efficacy and suitability for various skin conditions.

This is Ms. Jessie Hong, Group Education Manager for Dermalogica® Malaysia

She shared with us that Skin therapist and Dermalogica® founder, Jane Wurwand, who herself could not get a $10,000 loan to start Dermalogica® in 1986 understands the difficulty of a woman who is trying to start or grow their business.

And she hopes that this program can directly help women to establish self-sustaining streams of revenue and ignite a multiplier effect of change that benefits families and entire communities, from where they are.

When our consumers buy any of the fite “heroes”, Dermalogica® will contribute one US dollar toward the microloan, which will then be distributed to a specific recipient group"

So far Dermalogica® has facilitated the education, professional development, and financial success of more than 25,000 women in the skin care industry, as owners of businesses which offer professional skin care services. Those businesses in turn employ an additional 75,000 professional skin therapists worldwide. The overwhelming worldwide majority of professional skin therapists, estimated at 98%, are women. Their clients are also predominately female, estimated at 92%.

These 5 Dermalogica® "heroes" are being selected for its global initiative that extends microloans to 25,000 women around the woman are Dermalogica® Daily Microfoliant, Dermalogica® PreCleanse, Dermalogica® Skin Hydrating Booster, Dermalogica® Total Eye Care and Dermalogica® Intensive Eye Repair

After that members of medias are invited to try the products.

The consultants will explain and let us try the products on our hands.

At the event we are given a small piece of form to vote which is our favourite fite hero skincare of the day after trying.

Caught Cia Wei in action!

I tried all the 5 products and found this is my favorite one! I like this Dermalogica® daily microfoliant and quite like this!

So I voted for this!

It is a scrub made of a unique Rice-based enzyme powder. It is very fine in texture and gently exfoliates debris on dull-looking skin. And my hand instantly look noticeably smoother and brighter after that!

One click makes a difference!!

So make a difference now!!

So how to support fite while shopping for your favourite skincare ?

It only takes 4 online simple steps !

1 ) To purchase any of the
5 fite-themed Dermalogica® products.

2) Go online to

3) Click “Redeem Code”, then enter the fite code which can be found inside the sleeve of the product.

4) Next, select the region you would like to contribute to and type of business you would like to support.

Once all these steps been completed, Dermalogica® will put in one US dollar towards a microloan for a woman that matches your preference.

Dermalogica® products (especially the fite “heroes”) are available at all Dermalogica® Consultation Pods, AsterSpring outlets and Dermalogica® authorized dealers nationwide.

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