L'Oréal Féria Power Reds in R37 Rich Burgundy

Remember my last attempt with red hair dye? Looks like I haven't learned my lesson yet...

This is the first time I see so many things in one box of hair dye!


During the process:


OMG! The exact same result as Garnier Nutrisse Intense Red! Again, the red only showed up on my blonde roots. At first, I was really mad, because it was clearly stated on the box that this hair dye is recommended on medium brown to black haircolour. BUT, after reading the back of the box for the third time, I found the catch:

As French is my mother tongue, of course I'll read the instructions in French first! And in Frnech, it's not mentioned that it's recommended on medium brown to black natural haircolor! It only says medium brown to black! That's a little stupid, don't you think? Let's say I couldn't read English, how would I have known this hair dye is recommended on natural haircolor only?

It's not a complete mess, I kind of like the look of my hair now, but still, that's not what I was expecting, and I'm a little angry at L'Oréal!

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