Some Common Reasons Why Women Have Irregular Monthly Menstrual Periods.

Firstly, every women should know that they are an individual personality which differs from everyone. Each woman has a menstrual cycle different from the others. Some women have periods lasting from 4 to 5 days, in some cases from 5 to 6, etc.  Some women have 10 to 11 times a year, whereas others may have 13 times a year. Many women often suffer from irregular periods.i.e. they might miss a period or so. Below I have listed some very common reasons which may lead to irregular periods.

In the first few years the periods might be irregular as the hormones in some cases might take some time to reach a balance.

Irregular periods may also be due to menopause.


Excessive weight gain or weight loss may also be a reason of irregular periods.

Women who suffer from premature ovarian failure may also face irregular periods.

Birth control methods, hormone problems, drug intake, stressed life, body illness are also some causes of irregular periods.

Strenuous and gruelling excercises may also lead to irregular periods.

Women who breast feed their babies for over a year may also have a problem of irregular periods.

If you think non of these are the causes of your irregular menstrual periods, then do visit an expert.

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