Correcting the Past

Hi everyone,

Week 2 in Vietnam and my blog landed in the land of the Kaput. My plan to blog about awesome things here hit an epic failure T_T. After coming back from the beach*, I went from one medical facility to another. Don't worry, nothing major happened. I have a bunch of minor corrective surgeries. Just imagine 10 years of not taking care of myself and you get the idea.

Right now, I'm recuperating but it's not even over. I still have another corrective surgery to do and with this done, I won't be able to do FOTD for a while until the wounds are healed. With this said, I am not doing any plastic surgeries. No, not at all! I chicken out when it comes to the nip/tuck department. I don't like pain at all. But I have to do these surgeries since they do affect my eyes.

I sincerely apologize for my lack of posting this week and the upcoming weeks. Also, for those who are hard-core makeup fans, I also apologize for not blogging more about makeup. Since coming to Vietnam, my focus has totally shifted. There are so many things I want to talk about beside makeup and I hope you will allow me to do it.

*My grandma's house is near the beach. The trip was more of a visitation than a vacation :)

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