Kanebo Coffret D'or Spring 2011 Happy Charming Collection

The is the season to enjoy polishes, charming grown-up look in a bright, fun mood. Coffret D'or introduces cheerful makeup that draws out the charming appeal of every month.

Coffret D'or will be reborn in this coming Spring 2011 as they are having New Brand Concept, New Design Concept and New Makeup Technique.

The New Brand Concept is to focus on women in their 30s, that not only making women more charming, but also makes it fun to experience makeup.

The New Design Concept is that there is a new design with the additional of a shinny metallic band.

New Makeup Techniques that simple makeup that are introduced for each item to help you to maximize your beauty.

Eyes Appeal Shadow focuses on the pupil of the eyes. This eye shadow palette creates eyes with a sense of depth, making the pupil of the eye stand out clearly.

This collection comes with 5 colors ; Sweet Brown, Fairy Pink, Clear Silver, Nudy Beige and Mint Purple. Selling at RM108 and the black casing at RM25/each.

Perfect Gradation Eyes comes with 2 colors , one light and one dark for simple gradation.

Comes with 4 colors, Pink Tone, Green Tone, Purple Tone and Beige Tone. Selling at RM68 ( casing RM23)

Bright Up Rouge promises to give bright and clear color. Lips will appear brighter and more beautiful.

It comes with 8 colors selling at RM90 each.

This is lipstick + lipgloss combined into one item. Coffret D'orEssence Stay Rouge promises to give colorful, glossy and succulent that can create plump and luscious lips.

Comes in 12 colors and it is selling at RM90 each

Beauty Sharp Designer is a set of blend cheek colors with triple colors for blended use, and the 3-Tone Face Colors, a combination of highlight color, medium color and shade nuance color.

This is 3D Design Pearl is included in all colors, for shaper, more dimensional contours. With 3D Design Pearl, it is possible to create a face that appears smaller with any difficult techniques.

3 types of blusher ; coral orange, pure pink and rose red.

Products are available in Kanebo counters in Isetan and Parksons.

Above beauty news is extracted from information sent by Kanebo Malaysia.

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