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Nowadays online shopping is so common for beauty stuffs, electronics, clothing and etc BUT what about Grocery ??

I believe most of us either has no time to go to the market or hate to go to the market.

Most of the time, the wet market (i.e pasar) is always wet, smelly and dirty..!

Honestly, I love cooking but no time to go market to buy fresh ingredients! ,

Even if I got time to go on weekends, always have trouble looking for parking and the need to wake up very early to get the freshest ingredients.

So sometimes I go to the supermarket, but then again parking and long queue in paying are still a big problem!!!

So recently someone recommended me Doorstep, quite unbelievable how simple is it !

I was told Doorstep gives you the luxury of doing your grocery shopping anytime, anywhere without the agony of being stuck in traffic, throwing away precious time waiting in queues, going through the endless battle of looking for parking and the torment of lugging those heavy grocery bags.

Everything your ordered (whether big or small, heavy or light) will be at your doorstep after a few clicks on your computer's mouse!

So easy like 1, 2 and 3!

Some more same day delivery service wooo!!

Currently they offering FREE delivery !!

Let me see how convenient is it ...

The items that are available in this website are divided in different categories for easy searching.

Got fresh fruits to be ordered...

And also got vegetables to ordered !

Doorstep has its very own refrigerating facility to keep everything fresh.

Not only that !! Got fresh cut vegetables available too, save time and effort!!!

Ready to be used anytime !

There are wide selection of meat, from poultry to seafood ...

And what is best is, if you are vegetarian... Worry not, they have mock meat!!

They also makes personal care products available at Doorstep!

Beauty care products ~

Just toothbrush, they already have wide selection to cater to different people need

Not just that, they have varieties of items under Household products... From prayer items to insecticide!

p/s: Need to buy laundry detergent urgently as was running low..

And since I made the purchase just before Chinese New year, they have the CNY hampers

And I ordered some goods for CNY to bring back home :)

Got my favourite mini tangerine ... yum !

I would say everything under one roof!!!

So after I clicked on what I wanted, I proceed to sign up as member and get my login name and password..

After that, I am allowed to choose which slots of time for my item to be delivered to me ! I choose 4 to 6pm and put a note that item to be delivered by 5pm.

Actually at the time I make this purchase it was 2.30am , so I was wondering if the goods would be delivered on the next day ...

And now got Free Delivery Promotion .. !

I am doing final checking before I confirmed ordered!

Okay method of paying - either cash on delivery or secured payment method by credit/debit card or internet banking.

I chose cash on delivery ....

The very next morning I received a call from Doorstep to confirm my order , address and delivery time !! Very efficient !!

At 4.30pm , 2 man rang my doorbell ! One of the man who hand carried my stuffs to me and looked so delighted!

Wah they are here already !

I checked, paid the cash and signed the bill!


Yes everything I wanted are on my doorstep , so easy !

Honestly, the fruits are very fresh and the mini tangerine that I bought to bring home for CNY are so sweet ! My friends who came to my house for CNY even asked me where I bought it!!! And I of course recommended them Doorstep!

I will definitely continue using this service as it is convenient and now I can shop online and pay for my sister grocery and send to her doorstep and she need not walk or take taxi to go already ! And I can buy some household items for my parents too , just pay and send to their doorstep, save them the troubles too!!

I can say BYE BYE to traffic jam, car park problems and long queue now with DOORSTEP!

Currently Doorstep has a wide coverage for delivires which includes KL, Ampang, PJ , Subang and even Putrajaya and Cyberjaya! And good news is they are in the midst of expanding their network !!!

To find out more about Doorstep, visit and follow the link below!
Doorstep Homepage []
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And I will recommend this to my office too, so that my colleague Asa can now go online to make purchase and save the trouble for her to go to the supermarket to buy the pantry stuffs and carry all the way back to office for us !!!

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