Guest Blogger : Maybelline Magnum Volum' Express Super Film Event

The below posted is blogged by my guest blogger friend Glam Pink (aka Pink Dalina) who recently attended this event Maybelline Magnum Volum' Express Super Film Event on my behalf away I'm away for work in outstation (sob sob). Well when I received this personal invitation from Nuffnang Glitterati Plus, I was very excited to attend it until I found out that I could not make it as I need to be away for work in outstation! Lucky my beauty buddy Glam Pink agreed to attend it as my guest blogger and glad she enjoyed the whole event !

And below is the post that she blogged about to share the fun experience! Thank you babe for sharing :)

Look it's a bird, no it's a plane.

No it's Maybelline Magnum Volum' Express Super Film Event!!!!

I was glad to be invited by my dear friend, Jess, as she is working on Sunday!! Pity her... hugs! However I was glad this event was held on Sunday event! where we don't have to rush or stuck in the know who terrible Kl jam is.... Just love no rushing sunday event...and guess what!! I had a blast!!! This event was totally fun, cool and creative!! Kudos to Maybelline Team!!

The event was held at The Bee at Jaya One, PJ

It was my first time there....surprisingly so cozy and good place to chill on Sunday!

And love the food!! but I'll get to that later... :)

Ok let me share with one one by one what i meant by creative cool fun event!!! Theme was superhero! sync with their superfilm mascara.

Firstly when we reached there, you have to register at the Superhero recruiting area!!.... and your fun journey begins!! I already in the superhero mood!! wuuhuu!! Although I'm a girl but when I was small I love playing and watching superhero cartoons...even now =p

At the recruiting area, we were given name tag and a charm bracelet!

the bracelet already consist of "SUPER" charm beads so you need to accomplish a few tasks to get a beads from each task to complete the charm bracelet "SUPERFILM". Creative or what!!
Adventure in glamorous way... I like it!

Oh yeah my super power is charm hahahha.... typical me =p

Look all the overwhelming superhero!!

Ok first task! To collect "F" beads is the makeover!!!

That is Connie PR Manager for Loreal... She is really cool and friendly!!
Really glad to meet you Connie!!

Look at all those cosmetic in the MA train case!!! drooling!

Since I already have my makeup the MA only put the mascara on my fake lashes hehhehe...
gosh love the Superfilm mascara!!! <3>

Then the "I' beads task... the laboratory!!

Here we get to experiment the Superfilm mascara on fake lashes provided and wash it with warm water!!
Totally cool!!! and i was amazed!! it feels like I'm the scientist at work =p

see!!! back to normal!!! amazing right!! :)

totally going to buy it...

Next task will be the transmission deck..

Here we have to log in into our Facebook and "Like" Maybelline Superfilm page

Upload your picture and customized it with lengthen your lashes and choose sexy theme wuhuu!!

Last mission!!

The Tele-Pod

You get to be a superhero!!

You will be given a cape and a large size Superfilm Mascara!

Ok mission completed!!!


I was so fun!!! I love this event so creative...and the best part... get to play with makeup in adventurous way.

Then Elaine introduce to us....

The Wonder Woman!!

Ain't her costume cute!!!

Gosh I just love the food here at The Bee

On each table, they put a candy jar!! Marshmallow, Jelly Beans! and few packets of popcorns

Ooo I love their mini burgers!!! now I'm craving for it!! =p

Love their watermelon lemonade!!! Perfect for Sunday chill.

Then there was Salmon sandwiches.

And Chocolate Brownies!!! <3 class="separator" style="clear: both; text-align: center;">

Gosh Liyana is so cute!! Perfect for Maybelline Icon.. :)

Finally before the event ends, they announced the best posed for their Tele-Pod task.

The 2nd runner up was called, and I totally forgot I went there to represent Jess... Slap head!

and coz they called her Chinese name... Typical me being so blur...

Then Michelle from Nuffnang approached me told that I won... Slap head again...

So here is the winning picture and yes I just wore simple blouse n jeans =p

Picture credit Maybelline

My Superhero posed

emmm should i go blonde? =p

Picture credit Maybelline

This is what I won!! Thank you Maybelline! <3>

All in all I had a great time there!! Thanks to my dear friend, Jess! Love u babe!

And Kudos to Maybelline team for such a creative event!! I love every second of it!!


And Congratulation Glam Pink babe for winning best post and you totally deserved it (that is such a hot pose!). And thank you for sharing with me the doorgift and that now I have one Maybelline Magnum Volum' Express Super Film Mascara too!!

Thank you Nuffnang & Nuffnang Gplus for inviting me to this event!

p/s: Will be doing a review on the mascara when I got time!

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