A Lilliputian Experience

Hi everyone,
First of all, I did not intend for the "and beyond" part in the tag line to carry intensive information about my somewhat mundane life in a faraway land. I know y'all want makeup and product reviews and all that jazz. Believe me, I'll give it to you soon. But for now, with my clothes still scattered around at a Goodwill in the Sunshine State, I faced a dire dilemma: I'm out of clothes.

Yes, for real. No clothes except the ones I wore on my body once I landed in Vietnam. To even make it worse, the top is pure cashmere. With the 75 degree Fahrenheit temperature in the local area, wearing cashmere is the equivalence of baking yourself to death. No ma'am, that won't do!

 Truth be told, leaving to a tropical location during winter was not the smartest move I had ever mad. If things were a lot different, I would prefer a summer trip. Oh well, you can only pick and choose to a certain point.

But again, I digressed. Besides me packing winter clothes for a hot and humid place, I managed to misplaced the few short-sleeved tops I had. They are somewhere in my luggage melee and I just can't find them at the time. On top of that, I packed only a pair of jeans and that's it. My luggage was so full with other things that I had no space for clothes. And as far as I know, clothes are not so expensive here.

Well, yeah. Except for one thing: pretty old me is considered a giant here!

I felt like Gulliver in the land of the Lilliputians. The local shops do not have my size and American brands like Tommy Hilfiger and Diesel resize their clothes to fit the local market. While I fit a size 8 top comfortably in the U.S, size 10 here looks and feels like a snug size 6 in America. I spent the whole day today feeling slightly humiliated when a pile of clothes I collected din't fit.

Needless to say, I had shoddy luck with buying tops today. Jeans, however, were a lot better. Since I have a long torso, my legs are considered to be short. For years, I struggled getting new jeans in the U.S. But once I got home, I found two nice pairs of fashionable straight legged jeans that hit at the right spot. I got two pairs to wear with a bloussant shirt and I have to say, the whole get-up is very comfortable!

So yes, I feel like a giant here and I miss out on the nice clothes that are around size 0-6. And yes, this teaches me a lesson on how to prioritize my luggage. For the record, in American sizes, I'm in the normal range. But for Asians in Asia, I'm huge.

How about you? Have you ever had an experience like this? Please share, ok?

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