Belly at Large: Missing My Bel-Bel

Hi everybody,

This week, I'm blogging on behalf of Belly. Home kitty is too emo to send me a post. I called my neighbor last week and got a chance to talk to Belly, who was so excited to hear my voice that he licked the phone. I miss that fuzzy face and his morning breath when he tried to wake me up so early in the morning. Belly is such a dear to me and I just want to squeeze him up.

Before I left, we did an impromptu photo session. As usual, Belly was poise but somehow, his poses were different this time.

Belly's classic stank eyed look
"What? You still takin' pitchur?"
I lol-ed whenever I saw this picture. Do you see what he did?
Belly covered his sensitive parts before giving the eyes. As if I would grope him while he was sleeping!
Soft kitty :)
I miss him so badly. Right now, I'm a crazy cat lady without a cat. Which means, I'm just plain crazy! I want to kiss his forehead very much. Belly always seemed surprised when I did so.

That's all for now. I'm travelling this weekend and will be back on Monday. Therefore, we are going to have a late V-Day post. Stay tuned for that, will you?

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