Shopping: Lush & Giant Tiger

The Godmother and Angel's Delight soaps: My boyfriend totally spoiled me this Christmas with a ton of LUSH goodies, but I couldn't resist to go take a look at the sale for myself the day after (yes, this is a terrible overdue post!) As soon as I stepped in the store (for the first time ever!), the sale associate told me almost everything was BOGO. Wait, what?! For the first time ever I'm about to buy something from LUSH, and it's going to be BOGO? But I had to restrain myself to buy only one thing, and I knew what I wanted anyway: The Godmother, a soap that smells of Snow Fairy Shower Gel (do I really need to explain myself?), but less intense. The hard part was deciding what to choose for free as part of the promotion. I wasn't sure what to choose between Vanilla in the mist, Summer Pudding, Angel's Delight and Rockstar as I love sweet scents, but I finally made my mind and went for Angel's Delight as it's limited edition. It smells fruity and fresh, but not overly sweet like Snow Fairy.

Bizz Girl Junior Belted Tunic Top: Yes, I still shop in the junior section at Giant Tiger LOL. I needed more long tops to wear with my leggings this winter, and this was only $12.97. It fits so well, and I love the removable belt.

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