Food in Vietnam, Part 2: Snacks et. al.

Hi everyone,

This weekend, I took an impromptu trip with my parents to Ca Mau. It is the southernmost area of Vietnam with a lot of delicious food. Since I arrived, I've been enjoying a lot of good food and accumulated quite a few pictures of snacks to make a nice post.

My cousin took me to Vincom Center: a place that sells expensive stuff I can't afford
Make Up For Ever counter is over there. Prices are the same as in Sephora whereas the MAC counter across the street charges double. 
But they do have nice ice-cream in the basement: Bud's of San Francisco

Before we ordered ice-cream, we went to Tous les Jours, a French bakery opposite to Bud's.
My cousin got a slice of coffee cake
It was nice but a bit dry
I got half of a piece of cake/bread with custard filling.
And now, ze ice-cream
Pretty please with a cherry on top :)
This two-scooped glass of ice-cream had strawberry syrup. 
Mine, with chocolate syrup
They actually switched our orders. This one was supposed to me my cousin's. We didn't know until we ate the second scoop!
And now, the very delicious part:

*Dance* Choco-pie and Custas, Choco-pie and Custas!
 If you haven't tasted them, Choco-pie and Custas are the snacks made from the hands of God. The previous one contains of marshmallow in between two slices of cake and dipped in chocolate. You bite into it and the whole thing just melts in your mouth. Custas are custard-filled cupcakes that are so YUMMY! Take that, Girl Scout Cookies!

For many many blue moons, I did not eat Choco-pie. Therefore, the first sight of this marsmallow-filled cake reached my eyes, I wanted the whole box. However, I had to share with my brother and the rest of the family. Sharing is caring, yo!

Coconut waffles 
One of my cousins made 2 lbs of this stuff before we left Mui Ne. These waffles are hand-made from scratch in iron pans. Despite their earthy appearance, the coconut waffles are muy deliciosos. They are crispy and have a hint of coconut milk. Yummy! The old me could have gone through a box of this stuff in one sitting but the new me is a lot wiser. Since they are region-specific, I slowly savor each one of them. Once they are gone, someone would have to make a trip to Mui Ne to bring them to me.

Last but not least, Tiger energy biscuit
My brother ate this thing. It's some sort of cracker, not biscuit. He seemed to enjoy it. It's funny to see a tiger playing soccer on the package. I hope those who were born in the year of the Tiger would get a kick out of this.

That's all for snacked food today. I hope to have "Food in Vietnam" as an active section while I live here. If you have any special requests on food blogs, please let me know. I'll do my best to make you drool :)

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