I'm Back!

Thank you to everyone who visited, followed, and left me comments over the last couple of weeks. It's been really hard to get it all together again. I had a zillion emails to wade through. (BTW - does anyone know what an email fax is?! I had at least 25 of those lovely spams! Along with a few from "Paul the Internet Guy.") My dishes are done, my family has had a few real meals, and the red gooey stuff is scrubbed up. Heck, I even got to take a few naps with my little snuggly guy!

Since that crisis has been hurdled, I had a new one last Sunday. The computer that we had gotten fixed crashed - again. ARGH! I hate using my hubby's old laptop. You'd think that the stupid "D" key not working wouldn't be a problem. It isn't until you realize just how many times you actually use the thing. Going back to fix every missing "D" takes forever and I always miss a few, especially when I've meant tp type "and" and it shows up as "an."

So, we had a friend who fixes computers on the side throw me a computer together using all of the parts he had laying around. So far, the only problem I've had is the screen scrambling from time to time. No big deal, really. Well, except it tends to know when I've had some kind of inspiration and want to write - it will scramble over and over. Each time it does that, I have to turn it off and then restart it, taking precious minutes from my writing time. By the time the thing wants to stay put, I've lost the creative spark. Hopefully, this will all be over by the middle of next week.

I wanted to tell everyone who has followed, commented, etc. over the past couple of weeks to please let me know if I haven't reciprocated. I think I got back to most of you, but I have this nagging feeling that I've left a few out. I really do want to follow you all. I love reading your blogs. They give me inspiration and goals. It is so neat to see so many creative people writing about the same things I'm interested in. So, PLEASE, if I've missed you, leave a comment with your site address in it so I can get back to you!

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