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Most people probably think of acne as something that only happens to teenagers, but the truth is that it can affect people of any gender and virtually any age. Acne outbreaks are not any fun. However, they don't always lead to scarring. True, they sometimes can, but what usually cause the scarring is scratching, squeezing and picking at the sores and bumps that pop up. While acne scars are unsightly, and can have a negative impact on how you view yourself, there is some good news. There are several treatments available that can reduce the visibility of the marks that acne leaves behind. One of the newer methods is laser for acne scars.

Before we get into more details on laser treatment for acne scars, it should be noted that none of what follows is meant to be medical advice of any kind. If you have acne scars that you want to get rid of, then it's up to you to seek the advice of a qualified professional. You can use the information shared here to help you have a better discussion with your doctor.

There are two main types of laser treatments: ablative and non-ablative. We will look at each one in turn.

The ablative laser for acne scars have been around for a while now. Such lasers work by destroying the topmost layer of skin. This also burns away scar tissue, and the collagen in the skin then tightens in response. This tightening is what causes the acne scar to become less visible. There are some drawbacks, though. The treated area gets very red, and can be highly sensitive until it has fully healed. It's important to follow any post-procedure care instructions that your doctor gives you as well. You will most likely have dressings to keep clean, and an antibiotic ointment to prevent infection of the more exposed skin. Once the new skin cells replace the outer layer, wrinkles and scars will be lessened.

Non-ablative lasers, on the other hand, do virtually no damage to the top layer of the skin. They work through the stimulation of collage. Where ablative laser for acne scars usually only requires one treatment, non-ablative normally needs to be done several times. However, it is less invasive, and has fewer side effects, so it may be a better option, especially if your have more sensitive skin.

There are not only different types of treatment, there are also different types of laser for acne scars. However, that would be a much too technical discussion for this article. What really matters is that you have a good foundation for talking to your doctor about getting rid of your scars. Knowing the difference between ablative and non-ablative lasers is a good start. The main thing is that while you may have scarring from acne now, there is no reason why you should have to put up with it for the rest of your life.

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